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The first guy actually had really creative melody choices. Interesting\n\nAnd the 3rd girl...when they are all like “damn you gonna disrespect Nina Simone...aight try your best...” then she starts singing and LA is like confused and stunned hahaha! 8:50
Albert Malkasian
simon`s comment prior to the couples singing and the look on many of the audiences faces of embarrasment for the couple and surprise in their stage presence only shows that people cannot be pre-judged by their age or appearances=trite and caddy! but boy oh boy, were`t they in for a surprise. kudos to both kids.
Ales Aguilera
The 3rd girl😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦
Andy Adams
Those last two Acts were amazing especially the last one I love her voice
Bernard Liu
Wow! The fat person is so heavily talented ! Hope he got to a proper school to learn opera singing.
Brianna Crawford
The first man was really good, like wow
C sousa
the philipine girls are AMAZING
Janet Devlin created one of those very rare occurrences. As her song ended, there was a moment of complete silence. No one wanted to break the spell. Beautiful.
Chase Null
the filipino girl group, the one with the jeans is better than the rest.
Danny Walls
Best hallujia I ever heard
Dark Soul
jonathan and charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Roose
Omg! Those phillipino Girls are amazing i think i just went to a concert so happy they flew out to perform!
DAMN! That first young man absolutely blew me away. Even Brittany Spears was getting emotional at that performance.
The last girl..way to good for this evil entertainment industry
Dominic Campbell
Yo, I don't even like the song those sisters did, but damn......they killed it to the point I was rocking with them. I had to look up who it was by just so I could say Jessie J, that is no longer your song.\nCarly killed that Nina Simone song too. Her voice is already leagues above the two singers on the judges panel.\nHere's Johnny, suck on that Simon.\nJanet has great voice, but I wish she'd chosen that would have let her explode. You could hear the cracks in the ceiling of her voice, where you know there was some Aretha level power just waiting to be unleashed.
Donna Robinson
Sister wow factor...😎
Eberhard Zieroth
That version of Hallelujah come straight from God
The sisters from the philippines killed it!
Genji Shimada
English ppl? I need healing!
Greta P
Good for Jonathan whose singing said FU to Simon's shady fat shaming.
Harley Angel
He's the lead singer for \
Harry Hole
5:40 daaaaamn girls, what the hell? :DDDDD
J Cribbs
the elton john song was amazing...
J. A.
You'd think SIMON and the audience would have learned about judging People by their appearance, after Susan Boyle! 😏
Charlotte & Jonathon!!!! Goosebumps!!! ABSOLUTELY HAD TO Replay that section \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 I am Your New Fan!!! (Not a fan of Opera, however a fan of Charlotte and Jonathon!!!)
Jennifer Green
Omg, the 4th power, the sisters from the Philippines was so good
Jeremiah 31:3
13 yr old 👌👌👏
Joachim Sudergat
Shameful reactions, very shameful.\nBut this young man is the best payed opera singer on this planet today.\nOr is here anybody else that earns 45.000 dollar per day?\nThink about it, possums.\nDo not look to the outside and say bäh.\nNobody can depict himself for the world.
John A Neufeld
i can see that these young ladies have a mother that really loves them
Johnas stegler
bang bang all over you huh?\n.......Where can I sign xD
Jolisa Tohe
I really hate how disgusting everyone's attitude is toward Jonathan especially Simon.
Julia Wachira
Jeff I salute u
Julie Brothers
Jonathan was a beautiful beautiful surprise.. congratulations to you both for a lovely son!!!
Justin Capone
And now the first guy Jeff Gutt is the lead singer of The Stone Temple Pilots.
Kani Fuker
Jonathan blew everyone outta the water by a country mile, what a voice. Thank you Lord.
Keith Tedford
I haven't heard any of the so called pros to The Prayer any better.
La, Vena Miles
Leslie Spiers
Never judge a book by its cover the opera duo, was amazing
Lucia Alexander
Janet Devlin and Carly Rose Sonenclar hands down have the best voices. The opera singer was excellent too.
Lucia Miguel
Oh wow 😮 the duo. He is extraordinary!
Margaret deVries
I love when judges and people doubt? How the jump and wake up when the contestants sing !
Margo Conklin
Big & beautiful man; big and beautiful voice.  Of course.
Marilyn Freimark
Loved your singing man.
Mark Robson
Janet Develen? (Spelling) Last singer. A beautiful petite Irish pixie. Magical voice for reading children's stories; Spellbinding, enchanted, miraculous.Superb Elton John song selection. Besides her natural beauty with intonation , the cultural historic presence in the beauty of the Irish speaking of English is so alive in her, including the small village singing style. Wow. It was a glimps of time forgotten in my DNA, softly heard as a Canadian with the isles in me heritage. Wow. All great stuff from A.I. Love it. Seems like Russians also love these gifted singer.
Matthew Smith
1st guy up every woman in the building started ovulating when his kid came running out lol
Meerim Usubalieva
Those girls from Philippines are AMAZING!!! Girls I wish you good luck!
Miss Kisa
Кто знает,что пели филипинки?
The opera duo is an inspiration! I love the way that everybody judged them before they even spoke, including the crowd. Then when that young man opened his mouth and sang, the looks on everybody's faces were priceless.
Noel Plazo
4th power is my most favorite UK X-Factor audition of all time!!!:-)
Norda Brown
Who else watch the Philippines over and over..wow
Norma Barros
Wow amazing
Out There
Yeah the phillipina’s really rocked the shit out of that stage. One of my favs
Paula Helen
Jeff.....well, God gave him THAT version....definitely
Perkless Noob Nurse
never judge a book by it's cover. ;)
Pon Sg
I've seen philipines sing they have amazi g voices, one sang like Whitney Houston only better, many never become famous, yet are better then the stars we hear.
Prisha Onyae
I love when people prove Simon wrong❤️ he stay talking shit😂
RK TvBox
Jonathan's has a gift. He is wonderful. And by the way, 4th Power kick ass :P
Wow, wow, that Jonathan, what a gift he has. I would love to follow this young mans career and Charlotte.
Ron Bagwell
Jonathon should be on stage singing opera with a raw talented voice like his. Best of luck in the future!
the 4th power 😍 outstanding!!!!
Saher Shefeek
why the hell everything's in Russian xD?? anyone who speaks English in here??
Sandor Daroci
Well//Opera still rolling...LOL
Sandra Farmer
Jonathan blew me away! Wow
Sandy schultz
That was so shameful the reaction that the people & the judges had to the guy's size I was so glad to see their reaction when he open his mouth & sung put them more to shame LOL & no I'm not large I just hate seeing people judge people, thinking E1 has to be what they think is perfect when no one will be till we get to Heaven...
Skyy thelimit
Jonathan voice is magical, what is his last name? The young lady charlotte was also good that sang with him yet, I think she help him with his confidence. He has such a beautiful opera voice.
Stormy Jackson44
And Jeffrey is now the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots!
Susie Q
Great voice, to bad this world is so judgmental with how one looks. People should worry about themselves, instead of judging someone else because of how they appear on the outside. Sad world. Great job guys!
TOP Sfera
Мне одному вспомнилась детство )самая первая песня
Jeff, The One of Kind STP Actual Vocalist! CONGRATZ!
The Professional
That 13 year old girl was out of this world, someone sign her immediately
Thisisyour Fact-Check
Holy Moly. It takes a lot to impress me, and that 13 year old girl IMPRESSED ME!\nShe sang Feeling Good equal Nina Simone! Holy Moly!!! Give her a CONTRACT!
The first two acts sounded great, but then Carly Rose took the stage and absolutely blew them away IMO. There is good there is great and then there is WORLD CLASS. That is how I see Carly.
Tube Tuber
*Jonathan & Charlotte were AMAZING!*
William Carroll
The last one, why were they not up on their feet, she sounds amazing.
Turning Hallelujah into some sort of Quasi-Rock Ballad like that is phenomenal.\n\nAlso I love that Britney Spears has turned into everyones Mum \u003c3
Carly Rose Sonenclar is amazing
alice harrison
Omg the four girls were sooo good!!! And they sounded like aria grande and Beyoncé
Those four sisters!!!!!!!!!
As my dad likes to say (We're Filipino) \
I´m really not into this kind of music, but I really have to admit that these philippine girls are very professional. And I ask myself, why the f... don´t they have a record deal already ? They are on par with acts like Pussycat Dolls or Destiny´s Child or stuff like that .
irene angelucci
First guy... All the feels. Never heard that song done that way. Yasss
isa cry baby
jacquline contreras
The Philippine girls are AMAZING, they literally killed, like they are sooo talented. Their voices are so BEAUTIFUL 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wow that was incredible
laxmi anandanathan
Girls from Philippines just rocked ...
Those young girls--The Fourth Power--from the Philippines, were incredible. All four of them have amazing vocal range and power. What a blast to watch four tiny lasses kick musical ass!
nicoletta schoeni
ramon jr. intong
the sisters from the Philippines killed it! whoaaa!
ronnie m
Old saying holds true... don't judge a book by its cover...opera rules!
sweety sweety
The Philippine girls are amazing !
tru e
everyone judged the opera duo before they sang, both judges and audience. voice and dancing abilities are not related to body weight, geez.
janet Devlin is adorable. She's like a fairy or a nymph, floating on a breeze.
xaxaxa gig
final girl is amazing forever for me !!!!!
Đình Duy Dương
Tiết mục thứ 2 của 4 cô gái Philippines quá xuất sắc.đã về phần nghe,sướng luôn cả phần nhìn.AMAZING \nTiết mục thứ 3 của cô bé là 1 bản phối hoàn toàn khác,rất độc và lạ.phần hát xử lý rất kỹ thuật,thanh nhạc rất vững
Михаил Немков
Джонатан поразил!!! (Это толстячок предпоследний) - голосина оперный!