Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET -

Top 10 Best Golden Buzzer Auditions ЗОЛОТАЯ КНОПКА | УЧАСТНИКИ КОТОРЫЕ СРАЗУ ПРОШЛИ В ФИНАЛ 2016 Золотая кнопка Золотая кнопка х фактор ТОП 10 УЧАСТНИКОВ...

A. Royden D'souza
Golden buzzer from simon, that too😂
AB Àfridi
2:33 nanny went rogue..!!!
AJ Groth
DAMN grandma got some LEGS
Alex_ sharko
1:5 the grandma is awsome
Audrey Huang
I'm so showing the \
Bella Heap
My faverout is the first one like if you agree 👍🏾
Bella Tabor
The 13 year old can hit higher notes then ANYONE!!!!!!!!
Benjamin Rabin
If Simon gives you a standing ovation for singing, you know you're doing it right
Best Moments EVER
Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJOctZppIWo
Blessie Salmorin
Number 7 is awesome..its my first to see that act😱😱😱😱
Blu Magnolia
I cried for the two young men. And for some reason my eyes wont stop watering. 💓💓
Grace: I know miracles can happen so yeah\n\nWins americas got talent \n\nMe: I know miracles can happen so yeah\n\nFalls down stairs and gets sent to the hospital\n\nBRUH.
Burnt Ice-Cream
Everyone's like\n*I can't find a single English comment*\nBut I can't find a single Russian comment 😂
on the first one she got metal BONES
Cate C-N
6:10 \n\nMe:Where's the nutella?\n\nFinds the nutella and puts a ring on it.
Crystal DeathLiger91
#1 was absolutely amazing
Deadpool X 98
I love it
Storm troopers are my favorite\nLike if you agree
Ella's Got burgers
The janitors must hate the golden buzzer.
Whoever put this together needs to put more time between the end and start of the next one. I don't have enough time to cry!
i imagene vader asking: WHERE ARE THOSE STORMTROOPERS I LEFT TO DEFEND THAT AT-AT??\n(sees them dancing on Britain's got talent)\nVader: what the fuck..
Fallen Angel 666
Number 8 nearly made me cry... it was so beautiful...
George Marlow
When you ur nan said she was out shopping she was actually practicing this
-Person gets golden buzzer-\n\nperson after- Aw crap...
Hermione Granger
The storm troopers come on\nMe: nooooooo\nThey start dancing\nMe: lol this actually good\nHalfway through the dance\nMe: YEAH BABY GO STORM TROOPERS \n\nI started laugh crying during their dance btw 😂😂😂😂
Hey I’m Rain
That 80 year Old lady is way More flexible than I’ll ever Be🤣🤣😭🤣
I hate myself .-.
Im Sorry
Storm trooper one was my favorite
Jaden Perea
QUICK! Make a Russian comment before people start complaining. Haha, just kidding. Take your time, I'm not RUSSIAN you.
I feel like those guys in the star wars(?) costumes didn’t really deserve the gold button lmao like yeah it was entertaining af but gold button worthy? Hmmm 🤥
Johnny Cummins
Welcome,Calum Scoot you are the next Maroon 6,( Excellent voice,Great Job.....)
Jordanian 77
25:20 👏it's the fuckin Catalina wine mixer👏
Khadija Sesay
I love the look the first people give Simon when he buzzes them like \
Kids Failing For life
Anyone else feel so untalented right now?
Lily Soares
MAX nk
R is hungry hungry he hungry so hungry he hungry hungry he hungry so he hungry hungry he hungry so hungry hungry so he hungry hungry he hungry so hungry 😋 he hungry he hungry so hungry hungry so he hungry hungry he hungry so hungry 😋 I J you’re so good you to be
Meme LOL Studio
In the begging of the performance of the dude and the 79 year old lady I was like “WHAT THE?! GET EM OFF DA STAGE
Michelle Angel
When Howie says everyone is going to know your name, and now she's a star.\nOh what a psychic.
Monster FirePoker
The 80 year old woman put me to shame I'm 11 and I'm not even that flexible..... That's saying something
janitor: I SWEAR TO THE DARK LORD HIMSELF IF YOU PRESS THAT GOLDEN BUTTON........\n\n(Simon presses the golden button) \n\n\njanitor:I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neo Ndlebe
Thumbs up for the one with cancer💜💜
Neysa Lawrence
Simon has always been my favorite judge of all times.😍😍😍
Nicole D.
18:23 Me when I remember it's Friday\n\n(Edit:) Actually all of these people are me when I remember it's Friday
Noah Rodman
18:24 when u run out of Vbucks🤣
Nuzhat Jabeen
the title should be 10 times the janitors nearly quit there job
Oh my gosh, the #1 was soooo fantastic! : D I was blown away!!! I love her so much!!! XD
Ravie Mattson
That 80 year old lady will have better legs than me in my entire life
Roan Lim
Poor janitors😕
Ruth Renteria
Am I the only one that was dancing to the music on #1\n\nNo just me..ok
Safiyyah Hassan
who agrees that Callum scott sounds abit like Adam Levine
Serial Sleeper
calum scott's audition had me crying😭💖
Shareka Jones
Grandma was wearing a mask
Shawana Johnson
The 2 boys touched my heart and had mee crying
Sherlyn Hernandez
Omg the one with the guy and the girl in the rain was cool!!!!👍👍👍👍👍🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Simply Mia
When Simon stands up, u know he loves it 😂😂
David: HE FANCY ALESIA HE DONT LIKE AMANDA \nKid: Amanda you’re beautiful as well\nDavid: HE LYIN\n😂😂😂\nThank God we have people like David\n\nEarlier\n\nDavid: SHES A DINNER LADY YO\n😂😂\n\nI was literally crying I was laughing so hard
Sprakle Pie
My favourite is the second one LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sunil Kc
80 years lady ordinance really amazing😍😍 👌👌👍👍
Surajit stallone Reang The hunter
Wow simon so rude you should of looked at the hold dance
Tamara Broady
When Simon buzzed that old lady, she looked at him like \
Taylor Rosowski
I always cry in these videos I can’t help it
Tescveeni Ratnakumar
Anyone else at the edge their seats praying that the cute old lady doesn't break anything
TessaMxdory95, a Wattpad Author
HA! That LOOK they gave Simon the Idiot at 1:40 😂 right after that I was all like: OOOOHH YEAAAHH! They’re TOTALLY gonna show him what’s up now!! 😜👏👏👏🙌 \nAnd then *Simon’s* face right after...😂😂 TOO FUNNY!\n\nLOVED it.
The Enchanted Creeper
when you start watching one of these Americas got talent or the x factor or britains got talent videos but then you end up watching 500
TheVery OddOat
Janitor:UHHHHH stop hitting the golden buzzer!THAT IS IT I AM GOING TO QUIT THIS JOB TO MUCH CONFETTI \nMe:I feel you when I pour my cereal like the entire box I need to clean it up
ToTToBuj 4EL
WTF all these people doing?)))I m alone who don t understand it???
Trey Bagatsing
I'm surprised at the 80 year old pady and nico
Wajida Tabassum
Ya Allah ......80 years
Weirdo Unicorn
number 5 is my fave i had goosebumps 😂😂😢😢
Wild Wolf
I think star wars was girls😂😉😊
Who goes sooooo far down in the comments that it takes soooo long to get back up? Or is it just me?
Zeyneb Sahverdıyeva
❤️6 ❤️5 ❤️2 ❤️1. OMG
_ BetitoThePlayer
Hahaha imagine if they pretend that they're about to press the golden buzzer but then move over to hit the X\n\nEdit:Wtf over 900 likes damn thanks, my first top comment
allover yourlip'z
I love it when people it made my mom cry and haqqY
lol having simon to push the golden buzzer is like winning the whole show
basic me
Dang grandma get it
beth richardson
I loved the storm troopers and the girl right after them
cutiecupid TM
When a 80 year old is better than dancing then u 😂
dheer singh
6 that's why Simon is respected for....... 😊😊😊😊💖💖💖💖
faisal taan
Number 9 I need their group name
fun festival
Simon presses the x buzzer\n\nOld lady: boy this is the beginning . Wait till the end \n😂😂😂
gia coffel
Janitor: boy you better not push that button\n\nOzzy: reads his mind I'm gonna do it just to make you mad
just a potato
dinner lady yo
18:23 me trying to sing like her
lanochka love
Что за песня на 5 месте?
#10, the reason that 80 year old can move like that is because she actually keeps moving and staying fit! learn people
milky thiezen
*Bars and Melody*
mysterious_gamer 13
Paddy was only 4 years younger than my grandma when she died, and she’s able to do that! My grandma could barely walk
34:18 MOst deserved golden buzzer EVER. Two kids who put their fears to music, and had the guts to stand before the world and voice these fears....
tjiikae kaitjiko
I really like Simon
why_is _me cra cra into gacha
12:58 wow
xXxfluffyunicornxX x
I wanna be on that stage if a am i sing fight song
Алтынай Бейсенова
Я не понимаю, кто там ставит дизлайки?
Елизавета Максименко
Бабка в начале зааажглааа
Эндже Латыпова
Grandmother is fire😀😀😀👍🏻
نور الدين
في أحد يحكي عربي هون 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂