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Alan King
This discussion is hilarious. I love classical music and Chopin, and I play the piano myself, but the people are right, some people seem to think that \
Alejandro Celery
I really like the music! But who the hell thought this is \
Ann Carson
This is just perfect for me, all alone on my birthday. I feel all those notes within my soul and what was once a dreary day, I have sunshine and hope once more! Splendid!
Anna Maria El Helou
I love this, I'll listen to it while studying for my exams, or just to cool down . \nPlease which composition is it at 11mins?
August Greig
Could you please tell me the name of the piece at 1:03:15?
B Peoples
I listened to this exclusively for freshmen year studying. So beautiful :)
Best Classical Music YT
Does anybody know when he will be performing in Poland again?
BobbiJean Laub
Seems the debate was heavy for this video. I don't enjoy Chopin in mixed company because I feel I can focus better in private. I don't enjoy Chopin as background music over a glass of wine at the end of the day. I don't study him either. Though, who am I to say that's not acceptable?\n\nIt's the only record I ever play. I enjoy the piano resonating against the walls. I enjoy the popping of the needle against the album. I relax in my own melancholy and startle when the keys demand it. But, I smile every time I hear Nocturne No2 Op9 because I just can't help it. I am not a composer. I am not a pianist. I enjoy Chopin, and though I know nothing of him as a person, I can and do enjoy his music to deter me from the present. I see nothing wrong with calling it \
Nocturne F Sharp minor, op 48 No 2 44:29 =O
Um brasileiro amou...saibam!!!!
I can play the first song that came up.
Been playing piano for 5 years and yet Chopin is still my favorite pianist \u003c3
Chopin 1971
I love the most fantasie impromptu ! Great piece ! 👍🏻
Track list: (I had nothing els better to do so here you go) *Took me about 2 hours to make this list\n1. Etude Op.25 No.1 in A-Flat Major \
chopin look like he about to sit my ass down & tell me how hard life is going to be after graduating high school
Daniela Morán
listening to this is probably the best decision I've made today
Daniêl Inuzaki
i just slit my wrist and am bleeding while listening to this beautiful piece. not joking by the way
Daria Gros
Full of emotions compositions.
Dennis V Sinclair
Great music for relaxing and, contemplating and juts plain old thinking. Love all of them!!
I'm not here to relax, it's just genuinely good music
Don Gozalez
Sometimes, good music doesn't need any words.
Love listening the fking breaths, thats feeling, 55:30
Elliot Sepulveda
The man was ahead of his time.
Music like this purifies the soul. Just.... surreal. God may bless these grand composers who are resting in their eternal sleep...
Eslam A
I will love Poland because this music 😍
Felipe Martins
Chopin, the piano supreme master.
Felix de Villiers
Who is, who are the pianists? Very good playing. I don't find Chopin relaxing. it moves me too deeply.
Geografia de Costa Rica
Thank you very much\nIt's sound really fantastic. it's like a spiritual journey. \nChopin a awesome musician.
Geraldo Goulart Neto
Um dos maiores pianista do mundo.... D+... isso sim é musica de verdade.
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Henry Zabdiel Olivares
Y ¡boom! un comentario en Español. Jajaja
Howard C.
Gonna buy this album. Just to help with his de-\
I Am Bored
Is someone chopin onions here?
Irena Kaczmarek
....a na koniec to, czego słuchać mogę nieskończenie-Chopin. Tym akcentem kończę tak cudownie rozpoczęty poranek. Życzę uśmiechu:-))))))
Iwona Møller
Moj rodak   \u003c3
Jacob El-Em
Eternal Sonata brought me here.
Jerry S.
The ads ruin any listening.
Joseph Simkus
no words....glad to have ears
Julia Pikalova
I wonder how one can call Chopin music \
Juliana __
So beautiful wish I was born the time they composed this kind of music
Kelly Walsh
A steak feeds your stomach, this feeds your soul.
Khôi Lê
1:48:00\nTom & Jerry :)))
Todo lo que compuso CHOPIN es digno de oirse muchas veces. Su romanticismo\nsobrepasa la imaginación de quienes estamos acostumbrados a sentir las notas\nde algo celestial. Tengo 89 años y espero vivir un poco más para seguir oyéndolo. 
Lando Malpics
Fantastically beautiful... I close my eyes and think about life and eternity, then sigh deeply at the insignificance of my time here on this planet.
Lay Love
This isn't exactly relaxation music. I can really hear the sorrow and hurt in his music. This is brilliant work yes, but not exactly \
Может быть музыка спасет землян от самоуничтожения
Is there anyone out there who wants to be a hero and go through the track list and add the times for each piece? Because as it sits, if you aren't already familiar with some of the pieces here by name, then the only way to figure out which is which is to go through and count how many tracks down the list the piece you want the name of is. And that can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the pieces because it can be somewhat ambiguous as to when one piece ends and another begins.
Lourival Junior
Existe uma beleza, um sorriso sincero, um raio cintilante no coração que motiva, uma paz de espírito, um equilíbrio, uma harmonia. Una canzone cosi bella da far brividi al cuore...
Luis Miguel Peña castañeda
Luke Faulkner
I've been playing Chopin for years and have written a homage to him. Please check it out if you're interested!
Maite Levy
I love to play And listen to his music, it's brilliant
Maria José Rios
How sweet music ! Love is . Thankfor sharing .
Marisa Ferrari
comment if you like ragtime and regular piano music
Marta Šaravanja
This realy relaxes👍
María Elena Vidal Arangua
Chopin un músico prolífico que perdurará por siempre,
Michael Farrow
im listening right now smoking pot watching the sunrise its made me cry the absolute beautifully made universe created by god bless you
Mrs. Thomas
This is a life/sanity saver for me at work! It helps me focus a lot better on what I'm doing. Thanks for posting!
Namz GG
Your lie in april...give me grief :c
Nersi Kris
its sad he died at a young age 😢😟*sorry my eng*
Nie tempa Ale głupia
lovely !)
North West Thebaid
Who the hell dislikes Chopin? Uncultured savages.
Olivier Mosimann
Chopin... ENCORE un Véritable Génie 😙😙😙
Where words fail music speaks
Perita Federal Em Formação.
Vivaldi E Chopin , os melhores.
Purple Fairy
I often listen to metal and rock music but this kind of music is so magical! Chopin is very good! People must listen to this kind of music more often !
Randi Walby
Chopin went to Heaven. Like if you agree.
Roberta Machado
It is amazing how many people want to tell people how to feel while listening to music. It is such a personal thing, there is no \
Ryan Scott
It's Friday night I'm laying in bed after the worst day of my entire life I'm having a dirty martini wife and baby are sleep all I can say is this music makes me feel alive and well
Listen this while studying! It is very relaxing and it clears your mind! It helps for me so..
Samuel You
I love the first song. It's really good.
Sav Copeland
The dislikes are all accidents. Here's what happened: The person wanting to rate the video reaches to click the ' Like' button, when suddenly a squirrel jumps on their face through the window and their finger slips a little to the right which causes them to unintentionally press the Dislike button. Later, after they'd manage to fight off the squirrel, they are much too busy plastering the wounds on their face and forget to change the Dislike to a Like.\nMystery explained!
Skyy G.
i know i have an old soul but inever thought I'd be into this type of music but here I am so relaxed and been listening for an hour already and searching up classicals .. I love this...
Sophia Plate
Just too beautiful... best cure for a bad mood!!
Stiltzkin Vanserine
I'd invent a time machine just so I could listen to Chopin LIVE.
Sublime Music Channel
Sorry, but naming this post \
Berating someone for posting and labeling this music as \
Tori D
wow i love chopin but some of this is just not relaxing at all
Victor Isaev
i dont understand how ppl dislike classical music...\nthis is the most beatifull thing that can be created... \u003c3
William Ma
I love Chopin, but for some reason his music never makes me relax, but instead makes me emotional, and antsy, but I still love his music anyways. ;).
those dislikes must be 3.500 people trying to play piano but failed
Yogaretnam Kanagandram
Chopin ranks as my most favorite classical composer/player. The music can appear somewhat complex and out of tune initially but it grows in appeal over time. He has entertained mankind with his truly remarkable God-given talent. He has no equal.
adir adir
who still listening in 2017
2000 people dislikes this video. they must be jealous to Chopin.
de red
That nocturnes, preludes and scherzos don't supposed to be relaxing. Chopin's music isn't meditation , it's deep sorrow, disappointment and hope.
deep melody
Polak potrafi ;]
enrique delgado
james widebow
can you study with this? because I can't do any other thing but just listening to it
This will calm even troubled minds.
I am listening this compilation when I am studing, it is perfect for the concentration
nobody nobody
If we are to full name Mozart, we should also full name Chopin: Fryderyk Franciszek Szopen. :)
roberto otero
I never get tired of listening to Chopin
Timeless melodies in the infinite nostalgia:)
xarrena hameed
smoothing,mind calming great music!
I'm sorry, but the piece starting around 20:00 is by far relaxing. I tried listening to that before I went to sleep and I woke up scared witless because it suddenly fell quiet before it gradually build up into forte. Besides, I think some of the pieces in this are not considered \
I come here often, anyone else? This time, it's the final revision before a test on integral calculus
thanks for sharing, how can I locate the name of each song, please light me on...