Operation Ivy and Rancid Live Acoustic Concert

Rancid remembers their roots and plays Knowledge by Operation Ivy, then follows up with acoustic Journey to the End of East Bay. Journey to the End sounds pretty cool acoustic

Ivy Journey Knowledge Operation Rancid acoustic bay concert east end live of the to

this is why music isn't the same anymore. what new band has this crowd... \n\nnone, and pay attention to this -----\u003e .
Brian Taylor
for anyone that hates green day and likes rancid ill have u know that billie joe toured with rancid before they added lars and actually asked him to be the second guitar. they go way back. Billie joe was a tremendous op ivy fan
Chris Browning
Circle Scott
i love the aquabats!!! PIZZZZZA DAY!!!!
Deva Anarki
good version
Elijah Henly
they are not \
tim is from op ivy so what a fucking discussion about nothing\r\ncant he play his own fucking song?
Fred déziel
Operation ivy have to be alive!
YESSS\nTotally agree!
this is fukin wicked. i love lars singing and playing acoustic. proper sweeeeeeeeeeeet =)
ha ha, lars on the second verse is just like \
Jeff Lebowski
@Asalamalika Thats what billie joe wrote about in the song 86.. its hard to judge bands for sellin out/buyin in but its easier to give love to those who dont and stay true and dont forget their roots..\r\n
Jeremy Betterley
who writes poetry on youtube?
Jewelianne Davis Harr
They started out in different bands, got together and Rancid will always be my favorite. They've been in other bands since and found that their selves together again.
Joey Reeves
yer cus im sure 4th graders care about sayin \
John Sevi
Fucking amazing!\nI wish i could of been there.
Jordan Bausmer
Then who the fuck sings Bad Town? And he sings back up in lots of the songs, hes just not lead. Hell he even sings part of the chorus on Sound System.
Kenneth Bakke
you all realize that both tim and matt were in op ivy right?
Maggie Deely
that's completely awesome.. but it just doesn't seem right.\r\n\r\ni think jesse is the only guy that can sing that song and have it kick ass.
Maxwells Dead
fuck you! lars is a fuckin legend!
good fuckin job
this video is mislabeled, but anyways, great video, rancid and op ivy, both my favorite bands, cheers!
Rowan's Music
fucking pop-punk bitch
Ryan Hendrickson
the thing about a cover is to take the song and make it yours. Sure its a tribute to the group that made it but its what you can do with the song. Fuck musical purity we won't get anywhere with that shit.
Ryan Weinmann
One of the best punk bands
anyone else think journey to the end has rancid's best bassline besides maxwell murder?
WOW JordanPeterman you dont know anything he sang badtown you dont even know Tim
Sus scrofu
thumbs up to the crowd
Yep man! You can still be successful and rich, as long as you don't go around in fancy cars looking like a peacock... And THAT is why I'm going to be an independent filmmaker!
Todd Markel
Well since half of Rancid was in Operation Ivy is this really a cover? Even though Jessie wasn't there, Lars had to sing it as is... ps I was there.
Tom Hartley
i think what Piddydafoo means is that they played it in the style of the greenday cover
lars' voice doesnt fit the song...i like him but it doesnt.Jesse Michaels was better.
lars or whoever tht is is singing gay
tears ..hearing that crowd..chills
where can i get this whole concert on this video/audio quality?????? [email protected]
brendan burke
@uzidude132 theres still parts i cant figure out and that was the first song i really learned how to play wen i got a bass last year
c stroud
all kinds of old punk bands are coming out with new albums holmes, maybe your just not looking hard enough
has every old punk band retired now ?\nno one is coming out with new albums..\nI guess this is a sign of me getting old :)\n\nOp Ivy Owned and still does!
@bbenihana1 They actually did a show where Jesse came out and sang a couple Op ivy songs with Rancid :]
dude your a fucken idiot, tim always sang in op ivy songs, he was the back up vocals, him and jesse were the only ones who sang.
You're fuckin right ;)
this is rancid
didnt greenday do a cover of this?
madison tripp
two of the sickest bands!\r\n
is it true that Tim Armstrong plays a left handed(or right handed) guitar upside down because he's right handed(or left handed whichever)
@Asalamalika Thats not true, Fans stopped listening cause they changed theirs style completely!
if you wanna hear a completly different cover look up aquabats version
Greetings from the Czech Republic ---\u003e need a RANCID here !!!
rusty shackleford
jouney to end is super easy to play on guitar but the bass in that song took me three nights staying up to figure out then perfect. matt freeman is awesome
their knowldege cover was just completly differnt, personally i like it.
other way around.. green day did a cover of operation ivy's knowledge... typical
just because billie was in rancid doesnt mean green day is good lol.\ni liked their first two, and a bit of dookie. but nothing much after that.\nrancid is good.