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ARNO meesters
The term “head pressing” is actually pretty descriptive—the affected pet stands close to a wall or other hard surface (furniture, the corner, etc) and literally presses the top of her head against it. It almost always signifies significant illness.\nMany diseases can have head pressing as a clinical sign, but most often we associate it with hepatic encephalopathy, a condition that occurs in pets with liver disease. The liver is meant to remove toxins from the blood stream. When it doesn’t function properly, ammonia and other toxins build up and create this neurologic syndrome of head pressing.\nIf Your Dog or Cat Ever Does This, Go To the Vet IMMEDIATELY!
Alix White
The most clips are not even a tiny bit funny. Some situations could end up even dangerous, so where is the fun?
Anthony Higgins
Why would a dad give his son a leaf blower
Attack On Titan Gaming
2:21 dog abuse
Audrey G
The cat with his/her head pressed up against the wall is in serious trouble. It is a sign of neurological problems. I wish caretakers of pets would pay more attention to odd behaviours. You are in charge of their welfare and you are supposed to be responsible. These are tiny lives that need looking after if you want to have a pet in your home.\nThis cat will soon be dead.\nI really dislike people at times like this.
Bcassine Bcassine
J'aime pas quand on fait chier les animaux, comme ce chat à qui on fait peur avec la fausse araignée, qu'est ce que les humains sont cons alors ! pouce en bas !
Just to let everyone know, if your cat presses their head against the wall (many times), you should go and take it to the vet because it's a sign of prosencephalon disease or some other disorder. Some times it's nothing but don't take that chance.
I feel bad for most of these people/animals :(
Bill Schmidt
I like the cake in the face part!!
these are not funny but they are hurtfull think about it if you were one or more of the people you so call \
Christi Wilson
This is not funny
Clumsy Wolf
4:34 AWWWW ADOOOOOOOOOORABLE!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Cristiane Tardeu ツ
Quem é br da like no comentário
Danielle Dwumah-Afriyie 2
I did not laugh or giggle
David Bobowski
OMG the Egmont is EVERYTHING!!!
Dear Darling Dollies
If your cat or dog has their head against the wall like in the cover picture, then please take them to the vet. They are suffering from headaches and might have a brain tumor. They press against the wall to relieve the pain.
Dominic Corralejo
3:45 fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Elli Bee
When a pet is pressing its head against the wall it signifies that there is something wrong and they should be taken to a vet immediately . (I believe the term is called head pressing)
Everyone Email
How come im not laughing?
Fun101 Emma
The thumbnail the cat was ‘head pressing’ it means the cat needs medical attention and might have a tumor so THATS NOT FUNNY THAT CAT MIGHT DIE SOON
Genius Jaguar
It true I laughed...but not like hell....
Giles Bovis
the picture of the cat with its head against the wall suggests it has a nerological issue....why on earth would you find that funny?!
Giorgos Georgiou
I Like.. 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍🤩
Groovy Hippie Chick
In the thumbnail, it shows a cat pressing it's head against the wall. That's a sign of Head pressing often indicates that something is wrong with the nervous system. This could be a nervous-system specific ailment, or an existing condition that has progressed to neurological involvement. This behavior is not normal and will not go away on its own.\n\nRead more at: https://wagwalking.com/condition/head-pressing
I AM Awareness Spirit
The cat with its head to the Wall is not funny at all. When a pet is putting their head to the Wall they need to go to the Vet. This is no Laughing matter!!!!!!!
ILiveInAZoo Montoya
Somebody reported this to the police for being \
Its Mimi
This is just seeing other people getting hurt why would you laugh it’s rude!
J j
Title: \nThe key word is hell. If you laugh, you’re going to hell.
Can't stop laughing....🤣😂🤣
Jane Jones
me: hmm im feeling sad clicks comments: cat in thumnail has a tumor and might die . me: hmmmm im still sad what a mystery.
Jean Jackson
Not a very funny video, when kids, adults get hurt, plus a cats head is against a wall, that needs medical attention.
Jennifer Stevenson
An animal \
JoAnn Kirk
Cats tend to look at a wall or corner when they r sick, my 15 year cat started facing a wall for long periods of time so I thought something might be wrong with her. The vet told me that she was full of cancer and we decided to put her to sleep. The vet said sometimes when a dog or cat are in a lot of pain they stare at corners to kind of hypnotize themselves.
Joan Ord
The cat needs to see a vet ASAP, and putting their heads against a wall like that can be a sign of neurological damage.
Just call me Kinsey hop
But thr baby kittens are sooo cutee
Kathy Watts
If you see your dog or cat pressing its head against the wall, take it to the vet immediately!
NO!!!! I am a AP veterinary science student! The Cat who was pressing it's head against the wall~ This act is most often referred to as \
KittyDiamond Yt
I didn’t laugh at all😸
Lana Harris
Cats who sit with their heads against the wall are in great pain. This isn't funny and should be removed.
Leo Stark
4:05 women when they divorce
Lisa Currier
Locker Ninja
The compilations like this are never funny. I want something where I actually WILL laugh. \n\
Lynn Thodeson
stopped after second ad break. more advertising than attention span
Maria A Perales
Oh my God.
Mariana Neto
É impossível não rir, porque é demasiado tentador e desafiador
Marina K.
Mas Shofiyah
Lihat video 🐈 lucu banget bikin ketawa terus menerus mas Dul anak Sholih hebat pandai berkarya cerdasnya luar biasa kewalahan menghadapi tantangan dunia ini adalah untuk meningkatkan ibadah kepada Allah SWT semoga Allah mengabulkan doa kita amin Yaa Rabbal Alamiin alhamdulillah.termakasih saya sangat senang sekali lihat video ini.kaget seakan ikut terbawa arus mas kata Anakku Hem tambah ngguyu aku kalo kumpul sama orang cerdas cermat nggak bisa diam maaaaaaNii gemesin banget ganteng pinter Sholih hebat pandai berkarya cerdasnya luar biasa kewalahan menghadapi tantangan dunia ini adalah untuk bekal hidup di SURGANYA ALLAH YANG AKAN SELALU MENJADI PRESIDEN RI SEMOGA ALLAH MENGABULKAN DOA KITA, MAS MALAM MUSTAJAB NANTI KITA SAMA SAMA BEMUNAJAT SEMOGA Alla meridlai dan mengabulkan doa kita .mas bagus ya kata kata mutiara cinta romantisnya kekasihMu
Matt S
Mind the advertising screen shot for the post with the cats head to the wall - sometimes this very behavior indicates a very serious health issue with the animal.
Miyoung Cho
Not even funny
When cats lay their head against the wall is a sign of serious illness don't be ignorant
Nasser MJ
Precious but where the heck is the kitty time out next to the wall? Anyone? That's why I clicked. Patience wearing thin on these fake let ons.
It made me laugh. Thanks
Nicholas Yansouni
The only thing that made laugh was the music
Nikita Brown
This was so dry
Ollie Adnitt
4:20 \
Prince KAKAROT World
(6:26) Poor little girl,she tried to save her dad,this is the kind of people we need those days!
Random Scribbles
im EARLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY\nboys-keep the likes on this comment odd\nGirls- even number likes\n\nEdit:( im thanking you for giving me the most likes ive ever had.Though I expected something else despite all those 6 comments when I first posted this comment..
Riya Gairola
The music till 2:00 is amazing
6:21 the little girl try to save her father ☹️♥️
Sarah's Mystery
The cat on the thumbnail I saw stuff like it on the news.\nWhen a dog or cat does that, it is NOT funny. And you need to bring them to the vet RIGHT AWAY if they do that. It may mean the animal has a concussion or migrain. They might do that to relieve the dizziness.
Serbian Traveler
2:23 so cuteeeee :)
Shannon Cunningham
This video is so funny🤣😂😆😅🤣
Shooting Glamour
cats everywhere!!!
Shreya S
0:46 died laughing
Silent laughter
7:06 that made me laugh my ass off\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Silvia Raquel A
Entré a ver el video por la foto del gatito! Cuando los gatitos o perros se ponen así con la cabeza contra la pared es que sienten dolor de cabeza. Es síntoma de que están enfermos, hasta pueden tener un tumor. Me dio mucha pena!
Sir Bagelsworth
The cat in the thumbnail probably needs medical attention if it was pressing its head against a wall.
Well I didn't laugh like hell, cause hell doesn't laugh, it cries
Comments: 10 percent: AWWW 20 percent: this is abuse 20 percent: THIS ISNT FUNNY 49.9 percent, I dont see these comments! 0.1 percent: this comment
Taz Nelson
Who is watching in 2018
Terry Tuccaro
say you OK before you laugh
Tigerman GAMING
Next time turn off your porn music
Truth Will Set U Free
I just want to clarify that the cat pressing her head against the wall in such a manner is absolutely NOT a laughing matter but rather a medical emergency that should be handled by a vet. Cats will generally do this when they are either in severe pain or in a lot of distress. I recently learned about this so I totally understand that it may look like a funny unusual thing for a cat to do. But please if anyone sees their cat doing this, please don't wait to bring your kitty to the vet.
oh this was really funny!
Wan Noraiman
6:24 a little girl trying her best to help her daddy from getting hurt despite the display case is 5 times heavier than herself. And asking whether her daddy is still okay even with the fact she is handling her own pain in her left leg from the attempt earlier. Dem precious. If her daddy didnt treat her to something after that Im gonna be pissed off LOL.
Wolfie D
hey \
Yanelis Poll
Hell doesn't laugh
Zer0_Demolition _AMMO
Jaja so funny I not even laugh
abigail Williams
You're not allowed to have a boyfriend until you're fifty😂
amazing life
6:26 that save tho
angel gozanles montaña
The cat in the thumbnail probably needs medical attention if it was pressing its head against a wall.
The cat pressing it's head against the wall is looking for flies. Should a fly land the cat is ready to strike. It shows cat is deficient in vitamens f, l, i, e, s. Maybe give it a mouse to eat.
colorful cup cake family who let the dogs out woof
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cookie 1256
1:53 🎶I CAME IN LIKE A RECKIN🎶 BALLAAAAAAAAah (ooof) get me a beer I'm in pain
Clicked onto this video and stopped in a little over a minute. The thumbnail is heartbreaking not funny. When an animal is doing this, there is something medically wrong with them and must be brought to the vet right away.
kri super tv
I laugh 9:10 time
When people get hurt , to me that ain't funny at all .. sorry ! to each his own i guess ..
rainbow cake roll lover
1:54 every tsundere with their crush\n*crush touches her by accident*\n*turns evil*
lol lol..
Игорь Баранчук
Да!!! Люди год от года глупеют, а животные - умнеют!
мария без
Да уж классные моменты
Video start at 2:00 ;xDDDDD
♡ ℓιzαℓρѕσffι¢ιαℓ ™ ♡