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Abel Muller
Wow how and Simon I love you you. You are my favorite out of all of them sorry don't be sad I still love you too. Leave a like if agree
Abimael Nieves
Adriana Kuzmikova
13:04 pressing a button to play songs. so much skill!
Alexandre Blanchet
Sora where is your keyblade ! Heartless hide behind the public !
Amanda Louise Dion
Okay but that was frickin brilliant the animals put the human in the cage in his dreams and omg this should be on Broadway I’d pay to see this over and over
Anysah Akbari
whos faces are better...Alecia or Simon?
Bachtiar Adriyono
Stealth musicians, awesome!
*13:36** dude dabs*
*Magnus Utopia!!*\n*:D*
Care Wanwisa
Cesar Huerta - My Story
Yo at 16:17 got me going around the house screaming and dancing like a horse talking about weeeeeeeehehehehehe!!!!!😂🤣😂
Cheyenne Delgado
Definitly for the tap dance !!
Dan Farrar
When Dax opened his shirt and said \
E Kramer2
That Russian one is incredible and I love the costume!
Eirini Papadopoulou
Who else noticed simon's smile when the dj played little mix black magic? What a cutie pie
Eric Marin
Loved the 65 year old dj women that one had me all over the place dancing lol and, the Russian lady as well 😊 😁😅😄 😆
Ericka Kreiss
Esther Fatoye
The last one wasn't really bad and I feel so sorry for the guy👌😔
Fawne Brown
I liked ALL of these. All very different and unexpected and fun!
Fernando Martinez
Wow the Russian one was so amazing.... Very talented.
Compliments From Galleon International Events..... Europe / Gulf / Asia. Never underestimate People from there out side appearance. LOVE YOU'LL. Our susses was this.
Wow so awesome
Grzegorz Lesniak
Girl 14:36 outfit unbelievable, breathtaking, girl beautiful, pleasing the senses and mind and the skill...... that was something THX
11:47 someone come get their Grandma
Hermesmarti MX
Originalmente... Diferente.
Ian Chauhan
Fail to see the relevance of a 65 year old DJ being on a talent show
Inlight Dreams
I swear , David is too cute for me to handle . seriously dudes seriously !!!!
It's Chloe Patawaran!YOUTUBER
Britians Got Talent is AMAZING!!\nLIKE if you agree!👍🏼
Jay Jay
Olena said Russia but I think she meant somewhere in space her ship left her...somebody call NASA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jennifer P
Jessica Bohe
What was that intro though?
Jose Acosta
El primero se parece a faitelson un periodista deportivo famoso en mexico..
Kathia Camacho
Time travel proved live and on air at 18;55...\nThat was insane...😰😨😱 I don't know if that's time travel or some crazy effects... I can't find an explanation to what just happened here ... If someone knows please like and comment... Other then that the only thing I can assume is that that dude sold his sole and will now for ever be condemn .. What do you guys think. Comment
Katie Apgar
3:47\nWow. Society has really changed.\nWe go from a cool, irish jig to a retro theme. XDDD
Kayleigh Van Weert
I like Dizzy and The horse sound lady.
Keyanti Jazzy
i swear I love David Williams he is always extra
I always find it weird that they travel from another country to star in another country's talent show. Shouldn't that disqualify you? I understand if you were raised in that country though... Born in Japan raised in Britain... you'd still count I would think. But this brand of show is so popular they are every where! China's Got Talent... Korea's Got Talent.... and so on. It's like if your school has a talent show and someone from another school shows up with the potential to win. I just find it weird....
Klarence Andrei Sampaga
Lena Fehr
Britain's Got Talent is da BEST!!!😅😘
Lilet Edwards
David and Simon slow dancing!😂😂
Lisette Kolk - Scheffer
i'd quite happily book disco nanny :D
I really liked the last one ;-; I thought he was super sweet and I felt sorry for him. The other ones were cool though, especially the cultural lady who had so much skill.
Mad9977 Productions
yeah nobody noticed the musicians in the audience ofc 😂
Mahmoud ELgbaLy
Please ..whats name of song at start in 4:05 ..please i want to hear it ..
Marciera Johnson
Oh dear
Markus Sojakka
I'd give golden buzzer to that magic show👏
Mike James
That Russian on the jaw harp would be sick teamed up with a good electonica track... Badass
Mixmax Viral
That women showing cultural sounds won my heart! Damn the skill man! 👌👌👌
MochiFlavoredKookie ;*
IIIITS ALWAYS THE ASIANS- or is it just me ;-;
Mr Stone_age_man
Bye bye loly pop Yahhh lol
Nana Sultan
There are no words! Perfect!
Nets Wong
Olena is so daaamn cool!! I can't believe she's from this planet =D
Netsku cx
Nilah Vivi
Ooh my gosh 😵
O_ctoh Pie
Tf, the lady from Russia. What? Wow... you guys...
Panagiotis Alkiviades
The last one...😂😂
Pascal Schwarzer
The 65 year old Djane killed me :DD
Prokid Sam
17:37 Discount Howard Stern!
Ramses Baez
17:29\nHER FACE!!! ja ja ja
Random Gamer
Damn that assistant though.
Damn lol that dude has some balls wearing bra & panties in front of all those people
15:00 Utopia by Björk (2017)
Safiyah H
So the men left the 2 lovely ladies to dance with each other hmmm 😕
Shadow Cadet
I love the girls in the red dresses like if u agree
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SockPuppet Granny
Okay so NOBODY saw the instruments in the audience? Sure, you can just hide a tuba in your purse.
Star wolfy Alshehri
What in the world \nSimon and divid doing?!?
Starlix Mmeowless
14:53 Oh no Simon don't put out the middle finger to ya face!
Stephanie Delgado
I laughed so hard @ 7:47 😂😂😂
Suryaa Alli
Wow amazing
Tom Swinburn
All interesting and entertaining the Russian woman sharing part of her culture with us was hands down my favorite. Strange, weird maybe, it was strangely satisfying and left me wanting more.
Alisha love you so much
Uriel Fadi
Oh djizess
Vladimira Semenska
*Oke Saimon, picku a landom undawea!*
1:44 When you see the food in the restoraunt is coming :D.
XXX Tentacion
I dont no why nobody is talking about that Russian cultural girl
Zohaib Jigar soomro
last vairy pooor man omg all x x x iam said
She then went on get TWO tones from the same breath. (Mouth & Throat.)
daw htay
i like that horse sound
emily kennedy ukele
gaming lover
TWO THINGS \n1:is that woman a horse or what \n2:SCREW YOU MEANIES HIS VOICE WAS SOOOOO KAWAII
16:14 the best part, I was laughing my ass off
its hasina!
like if good
junboy comaling
this is amazing talent really freak in me out like😆😆😆
koali bear
1:55 для меня это яркое доказательство - что половина всего происходящего - является постановочным шоу. Организаторы в курсе, судьи красиво играют удивление от дешевых фокусов. Речь идет о всех выпусках передачи.
lars kosonen
Wooow..Russia woman amazing...\nSalute.\nSalute lasse from Finland
madhav 's talks
Simon David Alesha Amanda : A Perfect Jury:)
marietta truya
dont ever sing that song \
nAmJoOn'S WIfEu
Hi random people scrolling trough comments
raven valentine - lord
everyone in the room started dancing to the granny dj XD
saeid dorrani
7:43 ... I'm Dead :)))
trip lets\nThis made me happy
zahra yussuf
the most shocking and loved was the dj grandma and the russian cultural sounds woman
Девушка из России это лучший, уже готовый номер. Это птицы, это степь, это дикая скачка, всё в одном человеке. Браво. Я в восторге! Молодец девочка!))))