Лучшие ГОЛОСА на ШОУ талантов | СУПЕР выступления | Это надо видеть !

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Лучшие ГОЛОСА на ШОУ талантов | СУПЕР выступления | Это надо видеть !ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за всю историю!Судьи в шоке от Голоса!The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!!Would be nice if you SUBSCRIBE :)

Лучшие ГОЛОСА СУПЕР выступления Это надо видеть на ШОУ талантов супер выступление супер выступление го... супер голос супер голоса потрясающее исполнение

Willie jones!!!
Ac Rejadna
Alberta Reid
The first guy have chill coming from all over my body, he have a powerful voice 👌🏾👍🏾❣️🍓🌺🍇🍉🍄😍🌹👩\u200d❤️\u200d👩
Ales Aguilera
Anthony Seopardi
Calum Scott wow just wow so awesome what a voice sheer poetry sheer from the heart beautiful
Ariannita Pagalan
Calum scott❤
Beena Josephvish
Wow..... mesmerizing voice
Bekzat Saduakas
superrrr bravoooo
Biernes Mendoza
YOU MUST SEE, not you must to see. Grammar
CALUM SCOTT !!! 💗💗 I love his voice
Bryon Lape
A Mary, Mary song....nice....
Their all amazing
Camella Stills
Daaayyyuuummm, daaaannnngggg JAI😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎
Carla LB
Willie Jones OMG SO HOT!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Caroline Nwanosike
Jennifer Philip's voice is amazing. I get goose bumps,every time
Chimp Chowder
Awesome, just awesome! Some really talented people! What a blessing to see!
Chloe Milligan
Calum Scott never fails to give me the chills😍\nEdit: and JAI too 💋
Deux Poissons
Негритянка в начале - the best!
Duke K
So what does that tell you Andrew? Here, I'll help you with it, listen to Kelly. Have fun in Dallas and enjoy your wedding planning process.
idk what this is
Fly Markus
Callum & Chris they are awesome
Harold and Kumar
love Jennifer Philips
Hazu & Ace Diaries
Willie Jones 👌👍😍
J Diz
Calum is the goat
Jackie Binns
Who picked this ??. They are good but in no way the best ! Geez !!!!
Jacqueline Nack
Damn BOI...
Jada Berry
Why is there not any PEOPLE OF COLOR on here? WE ALL KNOW THEY CAN SING ..
Jane Holland
Jai Whetford❤️
Jared Bryan
calum and mandy possibly did the best 2 performances ever on TV
Joe Newman
Excellent choices !!!!
John Depace Jr.
peace and love to all may you be the best you can be at what ever you are doing and respect those around you and love them as you love your self.
Joshua Wells
the last guy 😂😂
Just Jess
I love Chris maloney
Kayla Mendez
Kelli Andrews
Ok Last Guy!!! Calum Scott and that little boy with guitar Wow!!!\nWhere the heck are they
Kenneith Subratie
God is good.
Kerr Berr
Christopher Maloney or Mahoney or whatever it is... excellent choice of song! Especially from a guy who is as innocent as you. Good job. Good for you. I loved it!
Korn Hole
Guddd Daymnnnnnnn Jennifer Phillips killed it.... When you got talent like that people will always respond in a positive way💚🧡💛💙💜🌸🌸🌸🌸❤️🌹⭐️💫
Jennifer and Jay
Laramae Carnoso
I love your voice Calum
Lilly M
Willie Jones and callum 😏
Linda Woods
Great job!! Keep singing , you are a real blessing.
Lorenzo Montoya-Grijalva
Calum the man😄🤩
MJay Lith
MakeMy Day
Marisol Vasquez
Am i the only one who was crying with the 2nd contestant??😢😢😢 soooo emotional ,beautiful!
Matthew Jones
Willie Jones......mic drop
Mex Strew
ебать они ссуться от бибера )))) пиздюк пропишал и они обоссались ) во америкосы
Mh fan boy
Michael Bartulis
I would suggest you find a good otolaryngologist. I thought all of these singers were nowhere beautiful voices. Let me give you two - Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. How 'bout them apples???
Mike Go1
Couple of good ones... other boring.
Mil Osiap
8:40 jai 💓 2018
Narciso de Almeida
Pity that guy is a moffy.
Nathan Witcher
That woman was awsome as chicken nuggets
Nik Man
They all have a amazing voice but don't blame all the singers that not win in AGT or X factor, dont blame the jury as well but blame it on the voter coz they didnt see the talent ... Is it fair?
Patricia Peterson
So much talent .....but in the end it has piss all to do with talent , it has to do with who will sell the records to make the rich , richer .................
Patricia Soto
We all just went to church !
Paul D
Tital misleading. I would not put any of these in top voice catagory. Not even close with the talent I have seen on that show.
Putin TheGreatOne
Christopher and Willie were my faves
Rachel Day
I was there when jai auditioned was amazing mind you I was 14 and thought he was the hottest thing ever still had a great voice but
Ran Foula
Calum Calum Calum
Rhiannon Sacks
First Lady \u003c3333
9:0 the boy was just amazing,\nWith that ages how could he write those emotional age, maybe future Simon🤞
Sandra Brown
Column is the best
Santo Paok4
the last guy is insane 90's look with voice from the 50's/60's!!!
Shania Mahase
He sounds just like Adam levine omg #calumscott
Calum Scott sang music history.
hoooooly fkn mowwwwwwly! that first act is so classy.. im dead
Susie Welchman
Number 4 and 6 best choice🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thakur Rishabh Singh
What is the name of the first song
The Passionate Patriot
Got a thumbs down from me. Christopher Maloney but NO James Arthur! Are you high?
Thomas Little
I can go down to the park on the weekend and find better singers than this spread. Disappointed in what the current generation accepts these days.
Tonya Thibodeaux
Sign all of them such a blessing from GOD
ab de
Calum Scott & Willie Jones stood out the most in their own way.
cecelia lendor
All thanks to the highest of all the great almighty father for bestowing such great talents and beautiful and awesome voices to these people. I love his and
chocolate 22 my king
The lil boi had a voice of an angel such a beautiful voice
#3 Callum Scott, amazing!
flash more
Its like Marshall Marthers learnt to sing!
i think i need to hear a voice not see
kingdom child
Solution at its finest def. Not the most beautiful voices in the competition.. to each his own.
michel levasseur
Idiot you must not had heard much in life to say the most beautifully voices,lmao
voice of an angel
I like the first one a lot!
Soo many beautiful voices out there.. PRIME CREATOR bless them all.
steve garces
Beautiful blessed voices more powerful than a powerful hurricane. A hurricane tears the physical. A voice builds hearts and more importantly brings them together.
xtian liola
Calum and jai 😍😍
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Павел Коряковцев
5 серии охуел рэп вау +5 вот так❤️
Руслан Шиманский
Хороший канал братишка!
Федя Федя
номер 1 лучшее исполнение !!
от Волги до Енисея
Первое выступление мега мега магия !!!!!!!