Rancid Live in the Living Room: Tenderloin

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Alfredo Paguio
Hey Tim!!! Anyone.. Please check out my E.P. *Teaser*\nIt's not the finished E.P. track but it's one of our songs that we are going to re-record for our E.P.\n\nPlease check it out. And comment.\n\nTim.. Lars.. Matt..\n\nMy band needs some support. Help us out a little. We're still really young. We are looking to make it in music.
Andrew Hall
Any one who thinks this song is about a cut of meat has never been to San Francisco...
Blue Jones
Another one, word! How many of these kinda videos are there?
Bruno Gonzalez
AMAZING! Better than the original version.
Fabrizio Khalfani Jingga
hit the bass Matt!!
Guillermo Cuevas
Thumbs up if you want Ruby Soho for next monday.
Jago Russo
Matt freeman rules
Jojo Haro
doesnt matt look like the dude from pawn stars right here???\n
Juliana Duica Contreras
I've been waiting all week for this. One of my fav Rancid songs... AWESOME!
Julien Agranier
They can play everything :)
Fucking awesome!!!
LaMaria Xanthippe
nice nice nice -much better than the original!
Miss Mo
I am loving these videos. Keep it up!
in T.L. they rockin all nite long....
Uhmm.......more, yes please. I could hear just about any Rancid songs in this sort of old rockabilly style all day long.
Pål Kværnerud
This is possibly the best thing ever.
@UnrecycleRubdish Are they deaf or what? Matt and Lars voices are easy to differentiate, tell them they suck for me.
Stephen Feller
I didn't think Rancid going rockabilly could be so very awesome.
Tenderloin District!!! Where the special people dwell in The City
Do you think Matt talks like that too?
Just yesterday I was trying to prove to two friends that Matt, not Lars, sings this song. This sure proves it!
Simply awesome!
@tattootorrent honestly i wouldnt have a problem with them not doing ruby soho, time bomb.. etc. how about instead of all that lets hear some less obvious songs that every Rancid fan should know but people who arent die hard Rancid fans might not be familiar with like Cocktails, New Dress, Black Derby Jacket, Radio Havana, Outta My Mind, Harry Bridges.. etc. all songs i think would go will with this vibe..
baron Samedi
Happy birthday Matt
Theres just something to be said about live performances that make em better than a recording
They would make such a bad ass Bluegrass band haha.
enrico malatesta
Realize you're dehumanized\nYou critisize your existance\nIt's your demise when no sun arise\nWhen you're paralized by your lack of resistance \n\nShe know she is\nShe knows she's going\nDown below where the fire's glowing\nTenderloin \n\nThe tricks she gets them she's not a victim\nShe makes a list of them and reads them all alone\nFor money she's walking down on larkin'\nIn T.I. they're rocking all night long
@istdhd lololoo
The Best..!!!
No wonder I'm a Rancid fan!
Holy Shit, this sounds so much like a really oldies song, with modern lyrics.... Further proof that Rancid is timeless.
Matt The MAN