J.S. Bach: The Violin Concertos

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Online purchase or streaming (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play): Concerto for 3 violins, strings & b.c. in D Major, BWV 1064: Allegro

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A. P. Mtz. Loz
La perfección hecha J.S. Bach!!
Alejandro Caceres
Why so few can touch our souls the way Bach does? isn't that amazing? after all the massive amount of culture humans continuously produce, still this man, long dead, beats them all.
Alexander vydrin
Eternal music, eternal glory to Bach.
Alexis Caipillán
Tengo 6 años y conocí a J. S. Bach y a pesar de ser muy pequeña de edad, me doy cuenta de que su música es realmente genial.
Alfonso Paredes
Una vez más (y las que sean necesarias): G r a c i a s . Siempre que esucho a Bach recuerdo a Cioran (a quien he leído con gran satisfacción) y su máxima sobre lo insoportable que sería la vida sin el maestro alemán.
Alfonso Superti
I Was 18 when I discovered Bach violin concertos, now after many decades, when I need peace for concentration, I listen to these Bach concertos.
Ape Like Creature
Bach to the future!
Atashak Gem
Ahhhhh myyyyyy 🎼🎼👌true magic of 🎶 music, the Divine ART🦋🦋💟🦋💟💟
Baart Koster
Amazing performance of one of Bach's very many masterpieces!
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Estoy acá a esta hora buscando descansar mientras sano al compás de estos violines!\nBach gracias por estos minutos...
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Great work father.
Carmen Valdivia
Bach: Sublime !!!!
Cecilie Evans
I always loved Bach....especially the Sheep May Safely Graze was a political song. Incredible
Charles Minus
That's a funny looking violin on the album cover.
Cláudio Araujo
Sacanagem. Você está ouvindo música clássica e toda hora é interrompido por uma merda de um comercial.
Dallas Ross
Brava!\nI love it
Dana Franchitto
If there is a God ,his name is Johann Sebastian Bach
Daniel Robert Lahey
this is a *true* baroque performance on a par with those of Hogwood, et al. no schmaltz, no crescendos or decrescendos, in other words, TERRACED dynamics!!!! some people like the schmaltz, i suppose, but much of the quality of the baroque period is lost in such lugubrious performances. might just have to purchase these.
David olea
Diane Giovanniello
Magnifico ❤️👍⭐️
El cuartel del grillo y la piraña
Ellie SB Kim
I listen to this music whenever i read books. it makes me concentrate on books and strike a chord.\nThanks a lot
Elsa Pena
This is my Home in which I will appreciate forever, Amen 🏛
Ernesto Pereira
Fluox Trix Channel
Linda acalenta a vida
Do not waste your time. Keep listening to Bach's music for the next 313 years. Share with the world!
Irene Polesel
Es un placer es tener el a seso a esta variedad. De música Barroca Clasi😍
Irina Pasca
Foarte frumoasà je a ador
Israel Sorkin Colin
Hermosa música legendaria amen
J. Arturo Yáñez
Sin duda los dos mas grandes genios de la música JS Bach y WA Mozart aunque hay otros grandes genio también.
Jaime Báez
One million reproductions!
Jimmy Creznic
Consider that if Mozart had his hands on Bach's BWV 1056, that's where his famous Air on the G String came from. Listening to this for the first time, I'm struck with how Bach could be so mathematically talented (fugues and preludes) and yet so emotionally sensitive as in 1056. Incredible.
Josefina Denci
Svgjhn rjkb [nj ksnfr gtnhj?
Krzysztof Dynia
Bacha można słuchać na okrągło. Przenosi słuchacza w inny świat.
I love you forever Bach.
Leslie Perez
I’ve been playing the violin for 7 years. Who else plays the violin?
Lisa Edwards
Luis Alfonso Corbacho Rodríguez
Preciosa la música del maestro Bach
Luna Lunera
M Bettu
The 41 ones who have put \
Marcos Campos
Maria Casemyr Vocal & Piano
Wonderful thank you so much 💕
Maria José Rios
Merveilleuse musique ,un grand cadeau très doux aux oreilles de pouvoir l'entendre ! Merci infiniment .
Mario Escudero
Gracias !!!!!
Max M. K
Nothing is better for the day like JSB love this music .
Merzouk Bouferguene
Wonderful !!
Mike T
musically this is what will survive forever, all the rest of the styles of which I like, rock metal, Jazz etc classical and Bach in particular will play in space into the distant future and beyond.
Nancy Campos
Nébuleuse Navis
Merci ! Plus que de la Musique, un ruisseau de notes où j'abreuve ma soif émotionnelle, une poésie sans mots, un lien direct avec la sensibilité la plus personnelle de l'âme, pour soigner ses maux ou exposer sa joie.
Oguz Kayan
A cool music. Ideal to play in library
Ozwald Giron
sigue compartiendo please
Pedro Silva
For me Bach was a genius and I deeply admire many of his musical works.\nBut I honestly think some of these concertos are among the most sublime and beautiful pieces written by him.\nThe heartfelt purity by the violin in some places is frankly quite touching and everlastingly affecting.
Phil Tanics
Amazing what can be created when doing so for the further glory of God. Also helps explain the garbage called music being made today.   \
Philippe Cirse
C’est comme si l’on entrait dans un de ces palaces d’Europe centrale à l’architecture pâtissière style religieuse au chocolat. Dans chaque pièce où l’on pénètre, les individus sont habillés en noir et blanc des pieds à la tête. Ils ont cette étrange absence dans les yeux tout en vous regardant fixement. Les plafonds sont peints, le mobilier est d’un luxe indescriptible et le marbre veiné des tables reflète l’évanescente sérénité de l’endroit ! Tout y est rigide, jusqu’au temps qui s’écoule derrière les lambris, comme aux aguets.............
Phineas Stewart
If he can’t Handel it, Telemann to Pachelbel, a toothbrush, and a reading Liszt. The violin baroque when he went a’Chopin it in half, and, Bizet by fear, he never came Bach.
The most beautiful violin peice on earth! AND IN HEAVEN
I'm sitting here listening to this beautiful music while working on my Phd. Ah, how the fluidity of Bach is transferring onto my page =)
Reformed Stoic
Richard Rowlands
Rose Marie M'Bon
Merveilleux une musique qui me ressource merci pour ces merveilleux instants
RussiaN_ _BeaR
Это прекрасно.
Bach and Vivaldi!!\n\n\
Sam A
if you place all great musicians on earth in an opera house. Bach is the foundation of that opera house. he is the structure, after a storm walls could be gone, windows could be broken but foundation will be there.
Sanjeet Giani
Divine music. .....for......the soul.
Beauté des musiciens
Emotionally and sensitive. THANK YOU !
I've never heard of this guy before now! I think this guy will be big! :)
Turquoise Dream
All us angels were putti once.\nThen we got older!
Vivaldi's influence in Bach's music can be heard clearly here!
Witman Cristian Arestegui Garcia
Bach único!!!!
alexandru furtuna
anca cocis
cat de tampit cu mata...sa fii.. sadai dislike la asa ceva?CAT DE STRAMB, DE MIC, DE INCAPABIL EMOTIONAL SA FII???NU MERITI SA SCRIU IN LIMBA TA DE BOU
Thank you, J. S. Bach, for this beautiful music; thank you wonderful orchestra, thank you, for posting.
barbara van der ende
EMMY, Merci beaucoup, bisous
catharina crystal
flauta mágica ( Mozart ) português https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47K6IMPYIF8
cotofluix algodón
Gràcies per compartir aquesta música tan meravellosa!.
cx ze
Bach, the definition of music
What a GENIUS ! ALL Baroque masters owe a large debt of gratitude to this the Grand Lord Of Music! Thank God for J.S. BACH!
evrim göğde
what can I say. .. so beautiful. Hi from turkey.
flowers andchill
i started learning the violin because of bach
His music consists of the harmony and the balance.
I've been playing the piano since I was 9. Now I'm 33 and have all of a sudden developed a taste for Bach in violin. Thanks for uploading this brilliant compilation - absolutely beautiful. ❤️
jhon uribe
.\nalígero aventurero ante el regreso hallábase aligero ente\nangel angelito\ny no haciéndose esperar\ninvitación de príncipe\nquedaos en esta tierra\nangel angelito\n.
joao leandro
very beautiful , brazil
Bach interpreted and rendered superbly by the artistes. Touches the heart.
Profound beauty from the simplest means - the mark of genius - the same can be said of Mozart , Beethoven but without Bach they would not have reached any heights
vanesh de violin
Álex the Benighted
I love all Bach's compositions. He was a true genius.
Ángel Alca
Der beste Komponist der Welt heißt Johann Sebastian Bach. Ausgezeichnet!
Галина Тукачева
Почему-то, только классика дает успокоение и поднимает жизненный тонус!!!!!!!!!!
Дмитрий Львович Чёткин
Игорь Зверев
The best sounds of heaven
When is Bach going to release his new single?
The greatest ever heard music.