Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 (Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet)

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622- Allegro ()Iceland Symphony OrchestraCornelius Meister, conductorArngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinetFrom Iceland Symphony's concert, Harpa, Reykjavík, September 10th 2015.

... Clarinet Concerto (Composition) Concerto Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall Iceland Iceland Symphony Orhcestra Orchestra Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

Adolfo Hipólito
Preciosa interpretacion 🌹
Aftab Bharucha
Beautiful music all the way. Soothing and peaceful.
Alain Marcel Dufourny
☺ j'aime beaucoup 💗👍
Albert Willems
This is the very concerto, that was played at my brother`s funeral. It brought me back to the days, that he and I played together more than six decades ago. We both loved the same music, which my parents and other siblings also liked. Now they are all dead and I am left with so many beautiful memories. This piece will always remind me of my childhood.
Alex Durig
Dear God Above - I have never heard anyone play clarinet like this. It gave me chills and took my breath away. The most ethereal music of all time delivered as if she herself were from another world ... the music, the clarinet, the artist - where does one begin and the other end? May someone, please, shower Arngunnur Árnadóttir with gold coins.
Angela M
Chills!! What a great clarinetist! I adore this concerto, it was my solo piece in state competition during high school. I already loved my clarinet, but this music was actually emotional to perform. This lady does it beautifully.
Angélique Nomade
Absolument magnifique
Ann Millikan
Absolutely beautiful, clarinetist and orchestra! Clarinetist is fantastic!
Anna Halager
Beautiful concert played by Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Iceland only has a population of 350,000, which makes it all so much outstanding and wonderful. Congratulations, Iceland!!!
Anne Rakowiecki
Nothing calms my anxiety like a lovely piece of classical music. Beautiful.
Anthony Chung
Absolutely loved the sound of it!
Barbara Trehy
Wonderful playing This girl doesn't feel the need to throw herself around in a distracting manner. And I take the point about Iceland and its population of 350,000. Amazing.
Bruce Hilton
Played with such assurance, such calmness, such feeling. Wow. And the orchestra is perfect.
Budimir Zvolanek
Solid performance on a \
Sublime. GRACIAS
Using an A Clarinet, I respect that. She is very calm while playing unlike other clarinetists who obnoxiously swing their instruments.
Chas N.
having grown up studying classical clarinet I know how hard that is to do ...... Bravo !!
Chiaoyu Liu
Chun Keung Lau
perfect , perfect ,perfect, excellent!, great work! appreciate that from another professional musician~ when the poor women coughing at first time -she interrupted , the music feeling had lose for a while, and the rest of performance are perfect
Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it.
Dane Dauphin
Lovely. Everyone. i do not give this a 5 star rating. i give it a galaxy!
Daniel Morris
Heavenly... except that Rodriguez Musical Services interrupted this masterpiece with advertisements between each movement. I'll never do business with them as a result. Place your ad at the very beginning, prior to the music, and be done with it, you fools!!!! What a marvel this clarinetist is, despite the profanation of it by Rodriguez.
Daniele Salvatori
Complimenti per il suono morbido e soave, della giovane clarinettista, anche il maestro ti fa sentire i tempi dell'azione musicale come una moltitudine di colori con l'orchestra sempre brava al levare della bacchetta.
David Williams
No shortage of idiots in the world. 71 of them gave this a thumbs down. Obviously musically illiterate.
Dawn Threader
what a gifted Clarinet player my goodness bravo !!!xx Lovely thank you for free flight that soars very well done ...
Deborah Stratmann
Wowzer! This young lady is amazing. What an exquisite clarinetist.
Didier Léo Verne
The best interpretation I have ever heard !!! Sure Arngunnur Arnadottir, the Iceland famous Clarinetist comes from Heaven, and offers to us the quintessence of Mozart ! Blessings, Leo Verne, www.let-it-beam.org
Dileep Gangolli The Hyde Park Youth Symphony
Dong Soon Kim
The most courteous humble pure sincere and beautiful Clarinet Concerto by soloist(Arngunnur Arnadotir) conductor Cornelius Meister and Iceland Symphony Orchestra!!! This is the very real music for our spirit. Everyday 2 times more, I am enjoying this respectable Clarinet Concerto with my hearty appreciation. Thank you, Arngunnur Arnadottir.
Oh.. so very beautiful ♥
Eriberto Salmo
671 dislikes? Mozart compositions are not only likable but so lovable. Argunnur Armadottir is one of the best clarinetist.
Espírita Doutrina, Literatura e Arte
This is a perfect example of untouchable music. You can not change it. The clarinet version in Bb changes too many notes. Mozart wrote for a basset clarinet, which features 4 additional bass notes, idea of \u200b\u200bhis friend Anton Stadler. The soloist is excellent and deserves to play the instrument for which Mozart wrote, as does Martin Fröst, Sharon Kam, Julian Bliss and many others. Basset clarinets are currently being built to play this concert and the Mozart quintet. He left no chance for changes. His music has unbeliaveble excellence.
I used to think I was a clarinet player. Oh well.
Francesco Grillo
Bellissima interprétation
Frank Uwe Krause
wunderbare Solistin..
Friesemeren Fryslàn boppe
Bjusterbaarlijk sa moai, krek Nynke Klarinet,,
Georges Pichot
Merci,Madame!Brillantissime! Quelle distinction!.\n.
young solo as like jewelry, , ,
Very Uplifting.Very Talented clarinet soloist. One just gets lost in her sound and of course the orchestra is just superb. It's what music is all about. Thank you.
Haowei Shi
mozart would be proud of this
Hudson Bailey
Amadeus means love of God thus we're all drawn up into the divine. Iceland Symphony Orchestra is the process in the lift.
A most enjoyable performance of this great work. Bravo!
Jairo E. Carrillo G.
Wonderful and talented performer. What´s her name?
Jespère Toujours
Bravo à cette jeune clarinettiste !! Très beau son . On ne peut pas rester insensible. On est atteint en plein coeur .Merci pour ce magnifique moment
I may be late, but I'm a section leader in my high school band. It is very small. I play clarinet. I aspire to play as she does; in the way that sends chills down your spine and mesmerizes you.
Jim Brennan
I like her too. Who played this in \
Jorge Perez
Beautiful, precise, expressive performance.
Katie Sethna
Amgunnur is a genius. What talent and no doubt hours of dedicated study. Magnificent
Klassiche Musik
Outstanding. Even more surprising considering that Iceland has only 350K people and capital city has only around 150K people !
Lisa Adams
And this conductor is joy incarnate.
Lisa Thompson
Out of this world incredible. The orchestra, the soloist, the music. Wow.
Louis C. A. Porro
She performs with eloquent alacrity.
Lovemore Nanjaya
The Clarinet soloist is brilliant!!
M Eusha
That lady played the entire bloody thing without having to look at the sheet.
It was delightful to hear her perform. Bravo!
Manas Jana
Marvellous clarinetist and the orchestra
Marcello Poleggi
eccellente solista
Maria Andrade
Maria Angeles Fuertes
memorias de África musica
Miguel Keegan
Maravilloso, espléndido, insuperable... Muy bien!!
Very, Very Good and high performance
Nicholas Wing
Listening to the Adagio movement has moved me to tears several times. The nostalgic sentimentality shines so brilliantly in this recording. Thank you for taking such care in the performance of Mozart's beautiful music. Every note matters.
Nicolas Braun
It is so nice to hear a clarinetist play the second mvt melody clearly and lyrically without succumbing to tempting clarinetisms as many do. Such maturity and interpretive genuineness as this soloist lends to the concerto for me captured Mozart's impishness jocularity and ironic formalism throughout the entire work better than any performance I've heard. (And I have heard many performances around the world presented by clarinet \
Noel Paech
The beauty of Iceland shines through in this orchestra and it's soloists.
Paula Beth
WOW, she's amazing, among best I've heard in a a Long time ago.
Pete Totaro
AWESOME! This girl is the most brilliant Clarinitetist I’ve ever seen! The music is as beautiful as she is! That ensemble could Hang it up if she were not there! She is a master genius artist! I don’t know her name but, she is a God Send from Heaven for sure!
Ramon O
Fantastic! A wonderful performance! All that talent and beauty in one person. Of course, with a great orchestra and superb conductor to match!
Rodger Owen
A beautifully composed piece of music by Mozart, beautifully performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, and very well played by the young, talented clarinet player, Arngunnur Árnadóttir. Best rendition ever of the piece? - maybe, maybe not... but definitely good enough to listen to with enjoyment over and over again. Job well done.
Saeed Soufizadeh
very excellent and nice
Sam Samosir
Is that soloist girl not out of breath?But that is cool...but also awesome... Great Job
Sergio Gonzalez
maravillosa interpretación..
She plays very soft and virtuous. She's a master!
Stefan Sigfinnsson
One of the best performances of this concert I've heard. Very smooth,calm and beautifully drawn melody with colorful tone.
Stephen Estall
Very special clarinetist, and I like the orchestra and the conductor too
Sue Sheehan
She has mastered the clarinet! A marvelous talent!
Great! And overwhelming! This young clarinetist does not need to fear any comparison.
Wonderful performance ... Arngunnur Árnadóttir is brilliant and beautiful!
Arngunnur Árnadóttir is a poet, author, and clarinettist.\n\nShe holds a Bachelor of Music from of the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin – where she studied the clarinet, graduating with highest honours. Arngunnur has performed chamber music in Berlin, Amsterdam, London and around Iceland, as well as pop music with the bands Samaris and Hjaltalín. In the fall of 2012, Arngunnur became the principal clarinettist for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra.\n\nPartus published Arngunnur's first novel, Að heiman (2016), as well as her first poetry chapbook, Unglingar (2013).
Thierry Warot
nous venons d'entendre une clarinettiste jeune et plein de talent dans une oeuvre qui demande en fait beaucoup de maturité.\ncette clarinettiste possède un son magnifique très rond et très plein avec une touche sombre magnifiquement équilibrée. tout cela est très prometteur et pour finir l'orchestre était vraiment superbe.\nbravo à tous et merci beaucoup
It took me sometime to explain why this particular performance is so mesmerizing. I listen to the same piece by other performers and orchestras and he contrast was haunting me. What makes this performance from Iceland of all places, so special? The chemistry between the orchestra and the soloist is obvious, but that alone was just not it. This is difficult to express in words. There are many masters of the craft who can play the notes faultlessly. Playing not just the notes but the MEANING of the notes, is where this performance stand out. Mozart would say: YES this is how it sounded in my head.
Tobias Vecker
wonderful and excellent. I love it
Vincent fischer-zernin
Wow, reading the comments below, this must be the first time that everybody agrees on something published on Youtube. ... and yes, it's beautiful.
What poise . Such elegance
Walter Ehn
Das schönste Clarinettenkonzert! das einzige für A-Dur geschrieben
Wilfried Berk
Arngunnur Árnadóttir, clarinet soloist
Young Ohr
The second movement is so romantic & pure, love it.
Very God Clarinet!!!!!.....
glenn pennock
brilliantly played by Arngunnur Árnadóttir and orchestra
maizan mahasan
i was a student of university mazarteum salzburg for clarinet ,and this one of the most wonderful performance i\
richard deppner
Really enjoyable to watch and see this lovely talented lady and orchestra.  pure joy. thank you so much.
salvador g
I think this was Mozart's last big orchestral work. The other big thing he was working on was never finished, as we all know.
Wonderful!She must be a great clarinetist I've ever seen before.