Adagio in G Minor (Albinoni)

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Enjoy this beautiful piece with an appropriately awe-inspiring slideshow :) The Adagio in G minor for violin, strings and organ continuo, is a neo-Baroque composition popularly attributed to the 18th century Venetian master Tomaso Albinoni, but in fact composed almost entirely by the 20th century musicologist and Albinoni biographer Remo Giazotto.MoodTools is available at Piece actually composed by Remo Giazotto based on Tomaso Albinoni's work.

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Alex Arroyo
Thanks, beautiful, maravillosa!!!!
Alexander Brown
I work out to this. People throw white roses at my feet as I run by
Arda Uzun
Beni, beni Bihter'ini
Asdjkl Asdjkl
Bihter ziyagil :'(
Bass Bosted
When listening to this song you completly forget whats arround you and you feel floating like the world doesnt exist all your problems fade away its just you and the music its like your soul leaved your body and wondered in a world of beautifull sadness
I love this piece. The chord progression is one of the saddest I've ever heard, but not in a depressing's more like a beautiful sadness - if that makes any sense.
Bryant Pace
There is so much beautiful music to enjoy in this world, one, nobody today,could ever dream of composing music such as which transcends the serenity of heaven flowing,within thine consciousness praising the glories of God,and the mystic loveliness this very music evokes.....
J'ai découvert cet air il y a presque 40 ans sur un 45 tours que possédait ma mère... Redécouverte sur Youtube aujourd'hui, c'est intemporel car tellement beau, profond et fluide à la fois, et les enchaînements sont parfaits. Les images sont superbes, merci !
Chaotic Neutral
Rip Bihter Ziyagil
Chase N
My fathers favorite classical piece. RIP 1954-2017.
Chris Merrill
This is a masterpiece. And it's incredible how it came to be. A great composer and an obviously talented, devoted musicologist collaborated, in a sense, and unintentionally, across the centuries. It's amazing to me that Giazotto tried not to claim any credit for the work. Astounding really. This is NOT a hoax, as some have labeled it--it's something altogether different and, I'd argue, regardless of the composition's origin story, it's a true classical treasure. Giazotto had to have known how incredibly beautiful this piece was once he'd composed it. My guess is he felt like he was just delivering Albinoni's idea, which he believed the composer would have done himself had he'd lived long enough to bring it to fruition. This whole story and the resulting composition just knock my socks off. This is one of the great baroque/romantic orchestral pieces ever written, in my opinion.
I fell in love with this the moment I heard it on American Crime story
Dave 5400
There is no organ in this rendition.
Dave Brown
I have always liked this music and found it very sad. Although I am not an emotional person it will make be cry. It reminds me of a death march and those people that I have lost in my life- I think I would like it played at my funeral.
Derrick Bridges
Any one KNOW. The guys name WHO played this piece for 21 days ,in Serbia\nI'd love to meet him one DAY!\nFOR ANGELS are EVERY where!!
Detroit Dave
If I chose one song to play at my funeral, this’d be it. Everyone would be crying xD
Draco Malfoy
Bihter ziyagil...
Elnarə Faxim
Musiqi rəsmən deyir ki ölmək lazımdı
Factor Music
Bihter'in Cenazesinde çalıyodu bu😂😂
FanboyBerries39 Movies
American Crime Story brought me here!
Ghazalle A.
If my family doesn’t play it in my funeral ill haunt them
Gina Sousa Branco
Seriously, how on Earth can anyone dislike this astonishing classical masterpiece?!
Giuliano Napolitano
And now we have Bieber, Minaj and lil wayne. GOD WHY
Goda Leseckaite
Aski memnu brought me here😢
H.Burak Doğan
Aşkı memnudan gelenler :)
Huilai Tian
I came here after watching Manchester by the Sea. It's played in the very middle of the movie when the life turning point event took place in Lee's memory. Although I knew the plot beforehand, it still made me cry. This is the most beautiful and depressing music I've ever heard.
Irini Michopoulou
music paradise...
Ivan Walters
Always brings to mind the ending of the Mel Gibson film \
James De Paula
Essa é uma bela música mas me deixa com lembranças tristes
Jessica Bordon
Song of the begining of the assassination of gianni versace
John Bm
i discovered this masterpiece after watching the last episode of Forbidden love \
K Parkinson
I wish my life were as beautiful as this music.
Kauany Alves
Abertura da novela apocalipse da record
Kaya B
Keith Foester
i recalled when i had to let go of my old clothes. i love my clothes dearly.
Lia Guerreiro
Marcia Alencar
Eu não tenho palavras pra definir a beleza dessa canção, é como se escutasse a voz de Deus através dela nos consolando, trazendo uma Paz infinita ❤
Maria Sorbille
Es éxtasis lo que uno siente. Quietud y tranquilidad, bello, bello. Y un dejo de tristeza sin poder decir porqué. Sólo es maravillosa. Qué más¡¡
Maria Tsakiri
This is amazing! The best clacical piece for me i love the feelings that i have if i heard it . Just amazing
Marjan Naumovski
No more tears. No more wasting time. Bring the light now!
Michaila Wasylynchuk
When my mom was pregnant with me, my parents would put head phones on her belly and play this piece and it would calm me down instantly. When I was a baby I would still fall asleep to it. Ever since it’s been really special to me
Mike Fraering
I want this played at my funeral
Ncorp Hrvatska
I burried my father on this song, alltho it was horrific expirience this song gaved me comfort.
Fantastic scene in American crime story
Paolo Ghelardini
l'immensità in musica! Grazie, Tommaso!
Who came here after American Crime Story: The Assasination of Gianni Versace
Paul Waring
Hauntingly beautiful absolutely superb
love, sorrow, happiness, misfortune, joy, loneliness, paradise, hell ...Timeless masterpiece!!!
Rafael Bayramov
Ah Bihter....
Rasha Beren
Bihter’s funerals 😢 Aşki Memnu 💔
Rebequinha Carvalho
Se os anjos falarem... Com certeza será algo assim!!!
Red John 23
American Crime Story
Ricardo Serrado
The Universe expressing Himself...
Rodrigo Cearamor
Arrepia até os pelo do cú
06:55 onward gives me chills and tears to my eyes every.single.time..
Samet Bulduk
Türkler olarak klasik müziği bu kadar seviyor olmamız sevindirici. Çoğu klasik müzik paylaşımının altında Türkleri görmek çok güzel.
Samu Zaccaro
American Crime Story: The assassination of Gianni Versace
Sena Özdemir
Aşkı memnudan gelenler(her sene yayınlansa da heyecanını hiç yitirmeyen dizi)
where is the voice of Jim Morrison ?
how 1000 people can dislike this ?!
Svetlana stašević
Svaki put, kad slušamAdađo, osećam da mi se duša pročišćava od taloga svakodnevice
The Stealthiest
I remember listening to this music in the car with my parents when I was 4 years old
Thomas K Geydan
The great Tomaso Albinoni was an Italian opera composer of the Baroque era. Although his operatic works have fallen into oblivion; his orchestral and chamber music lives on! And this Adagio in G-minor is one of the reasons for his never-waning popularity. Thank you.
Torm Tormi
Who else comes from the Gallipoli Film??
True Eyes,Realise,True Lies.
I heard this when I was a child......thrn 30 yrs later.......watching the assassination of giavanie Versace I heard it again.........haunting buy beautiful.......
Tuba Poyraz
Bihter Ziyagil kalbimizde... 💔
World Alternative Media
Funny how I settled upon this song. For years I've found solace in classical music. Countless compositions, but this is the one I've chosen to listen to at least once a day. It makes one relax despite the most difficult conditions. The world on the outside is crazy but the world in my head as I listen to this is beautiful. \n~ Josh
In love with this piece!
Putain j'ai pleuré à un moment... tellement émouvant.
bill lacy
Yesterday I watched Manchester By the Sea. It was not an easy movie to watch, such underlying pain that created friction every day. But then I found out..... Returning from the store at night. The Fire. The inconsolable grief. When he was being released by the police and he grabbed a gun to kill himself I could not control my loud outburst of tears and sobbing for him. It broke my heart.....
I made love to my girlfriend during a snow storm last month, we laid in bed together naked, shades open watching the snow falling, I turned on the radio and this was on, we listened to the whole thing in silence staring at the snow, it was one of the most beautiful moments in my entire life, I added this link to my favorites and listen to it often, it will be in my mind fore the rest of my life...
American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace brought me here.
elvira holguin reyes
Nada más bello porque llega al alma
it's ya boi Mozart
Gallipoli brought me here
jadger cliff
R.I.P Bihter Ziyagil
If I'm feeling stressed, I can sit down and listen to this piece. It gradually calms me down. Beautiful, beautiful music! A friend introduced me to it.
linda landeros
Wonderful !!! My favourite, it just make's me float and relax until I fall asleep at nights!! God bless !!
merve karaçengel
natercia costa ribeiro
Please, forget politic and versace, listen the music, only, and try to be happy, please...
nesrin ogur
can someone explain why people do dislike stuff on youtube? especially art? i could understand not getting into it, but why do they bother to dislike? what's the point? what kind of a mental state is that? i cannot understand.
pablo stamboni
una obra maestra vida y sentimientos debe haber una histtoria de amor detras
Que preciosa melodía, no me canso de escucharla.
rainbow reminder
Bihter Ziyagil 💔
The Assassination of Gianni Versace
rossana eugenia del pilar espinosa alarcon
Simplemente emociona cada vez k la escucho
the Daily Connoisseur
One of the most beautiful songs ever composed!
yegane mustafayeva
Ah, Bihter! Her şey tam farklı ola bilirdi,Behlül!
Églantine Terre
Il est venu \nDe si loin \nDe mes songes \nEngloutis \nPiétinés, \nL'oublier \nIl \nRevenait \nParfois au détour \nDe l'arbre \nDu Soleil \nde la Lune \nau détour \nDu glacier \nIl revenait \nJe l'oubliais \nLa marée \nRevenait \nFlux et reflux \nLe coeur bat \nEncore \nEt encore \nEt toujours \nLe rocher \nSous la vague \nJe suis la vague \nEt lui \nLe rocher \nje m'accroche \nEt \nJe ne tombe plus....\nIl es là\nJe suis sa vague...\nLui caresse \nma peine \nLa poésie \nDe mon monde \nJe communie\nAlors, à l'Or\nDe la Terre\nA la lune...
İlke Akova
I personally find the uniting force of music very interesting. Just looking through the comment section, you can find people from different parts of the world, with different beliefs, languages, lives: can appreciate the beauty of the music. If someday, finally peace arrives on Earth, it will be thanks to arts.
Şerif ve Adamları
Bu eseri bana eski kız arkadaşım göndermişti, ilk kez dinlediğimde çok etkilenmiştim. Aylar sonra o kız gözlerimin içine baka baka, ağlaya ağlaya beni sevdiğini söylemişti. Sonra? Sonra her erkek gibi, aşkın sevginin kıymetini bilmedim ve onu kaybettim. Şimdi ise evli ve bir kızı var, \
мирАнархан Та1й
Salaam from Azerbaijan!!!!
The performance which is to the extent I hold my breath, is excellent and exquisite.\nUnimpeachable performance!