Ivan Baranov - Climb out, bourgeouis! Иван Баранов - Вылезай, буржуи

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Nature is marvellous, the forest is green and wonderful, The road is in front of us,The sawn-off gun is in my hands,Someone has a grenade, someone has UZI...And here it is! Inomarka ! Stop! Put on the brakes! ("Inomarka" - car produced abroad, here means defiantly expensive car, symbol of "new russians")For we live in the kolhoz (collective farm) " Daybreak of October Revolution",And now, a beast, we will fry you. For we stand for Soviet Power, we stand for red flag.And it will be so, by the testament of Lenin.Climb out, bourgeouis!We will judge you.You will pay for your treashery of motherland...Birds are singing, gnats are humming,Dead bourgeouises are stihkink, how I'm glad, only stink... Sky is blue, bright sunshine.Someone's inomarka trown down to a ditch.And it will soon spread over whole our Russia, our fighting call "Stop! Put on the brakes!"For we live in kolhoz "Daybreak of October" ...

communism protest song russian resistance коммунисты партизаны песни сопротивления революция русский бунт

Please translate the lyrics in English. Otherwise, good vid.\r\n
☭ Cyrillic is so beatifull, Greetings from Germany ! Dont Forget and Dont Forgive! ☭
Stanislav Palekha
@Downshifting07 I placed my translation in annotation. Sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes\r\n
Очень сильная песня!
Евгений Барсуков
события на украине тронули процесс как ледокол! постраение социал- демократического общества идет полным ходом! но и это только этап к иному социальному строю...