OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

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Check out the new video of "White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i" created in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IZ's iconic album "Facing Future" here: Lyrics:Ooh, ooh, oohOoh, oohSomewhere over the rainbowWay up highAnd the dreams that you dream ofOnce in a lullabySomewhere over the rainbowBluebirds flyAnd the dreams that you dream ofDreams really do come trueSomeday, I wish upon a starWake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere trouble melts like lemon dropsHigh above the chimney topThat's where you'll find meSomewhere over the rainbowBluebirds flyAnd the dreams that you dare toOh why, oh why can't I?Well, I see trees of green and red roses tooI'll watch them bloom for me and youAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldWell, I see skies of blue and I see clouds of whiteAnd the brightness of dayI like the darkAnd I think to myself what a wonderful worldThe colors of the rainbow so pretty in the skyAnd also on the faces of people passing byI see friends shaking hands sayingHow do you do?They're really saying I, I love youI hear babies cry and I watch them growThey'll learn much more then we'll knowAnd I think to myself what a wonderful worldWorldSomeday I wish upon a starWake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere trouble melts like lemon dropsHigh above the chimney topThat's where you'll find meOh, somewhere over the rainbowWay up highAnd the dreams that you dare toWhy oh, why can't I?Ooh, oohOoh, ooh

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Wish this song was longer...
AleXx TV
Rip Now he's somewhere on the rainbow \nPS Like wer Deutscher ist
Alicja Alklicja
This song is old but I love she 🤗
Aminuddin Ansari
I don't know why Soo many people dislike it ...
Anthony Reyes
Who still listening 2018
This man never died💚💚💚💚\nI love this song!
Bobb 11
He was not a man, he was a angel with amazing voice (a pleasant and warm voice). This song calm my soul. Many Greetings from Romania!
Brooklynn Hansen
R. I. P the Hawaiian people have one of the most amazing death ceremonies and I liked my comment because no one else will
Chriss Cross
Rest in Peace
Christopher Edwards
Song that will be great forever
Colleen Casey
I love him omg!!!❤️🧡🧡💙💙💚💜🧡💓
Conor Malone
It’s okay to cry, right?
I listened to this all the time as a kid, and this song kept me going through the years. My mom used to sing this to me to bed, too. Thank you IZ for a good childhood, and may you rest well over the rainbow.
Debora Rangel
Ele morreu por em funçao da obesidade. Triste. Artista maravilhoso.
Like si no sabes lo que dice pero igual es \
i'm crying , seriously man, i don't believe
Elvira Fernandes Lima
Quem veio aqui atraves dos @fatosdesconhecidos ou adorou muito ouvir essa musica assim como eu ✅
Emily World
I have tears in my eyes , I love this song so much 😢
Euclides Arantes
Essa música traz um paz a alma inexplicável...
Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
This dude's voice is magic!  I like his interpretation of \
Ferd The Terd
So yesterday someone brought a ukelele to my class and started playing this song, so I started singing. Little did I know, this is my crush's favourite song (she sits at the desk beside me). I'm already 99% sure she likes me too but the look she gave me as I was singing was incredible, and I asked her if she new that song and she just nodded slowly. She looked like the calmest and most serene she had ever been. I've been listening to this on repeat ever since. Just a little story I wanted to share :)
Fr Louie Goad
11/16/2018. God is with all.
Friday Harlowe
*He's not dead, he's over the rainbow...* 🌈
Galiria Valves
This guy is awesome he’s not dead he’s in the rainbow singing his song with Jesus
Games inc
Somewhere in 2018 ?
Geo m.
Essa música me traz uma serenidade ,uma paz que é inexplicável 😌\nEsse cara ai e um mito 👏🇧🇷🇧🇷❤
Fatos desconhecidos, obrigada por me fazer lembrar dessa música! 😍
Grey Area
Rip big guy
Essa música trás tranquilidade 🇧🇷🌌
Hola Quehace
Me encanta, siempre después de haber tenido un mal día esta canción me relaja y deja mi cuerpo en tranquilidad
He is not dead he is over the rainbow
Rest in Parsdise \
Jaytee Taquiso
Who's watching this in 2018? 😁💖
Jesse Leal
I just wanna say positive vibes everyone.
Jesus Castilla
This song is magic✨
Jimin has no jams but he has me.
We appreciate everything you’ve done~ We love you. Fly high.
Jimmie Lee
Now u and Stan Lee will meet
Joao Almeida
Beyond the Rainbow 🌈🌈
João Lucas adr
Quem é do Brasil deixa o like
Juan Velez
Quase 2019, mais alguém da like
Kayla Mattson
He's living his dream on the rainbow ☺🌈
Keak Warrior
I dnt understand how you can dislike this song.
Le Epic Meme
My man is now over the Rainbow smiling at us
Lil Rage
Such a peaceful yet powerful song whoever disliked has no soul
Wunder schönes lied schade das er gestorben ist :-( .
Luzia Dutra
Musica traz uma paz espírito COISA boa sem explicaçao mexe comigo
MOKE Graffiti
N O V E M B E R 2018
Malachi Thornton-Fukui
0% swearing\n0% nudes\n0% twerking\n100% real song\nR.I.P. Bradda Iz
Marcos Oliveira
Viva o a natureza... viva a paz...(14.11.2018)
Matheus Biasus
eu fico feliz de como até hj as pessoas voltam pra ouvir essa obra prima, sua música nunca será esquecida
Mølly F
ONE MILLION LIKES!! I love this song. 💕💕
He reminds me of Maui from Moana movie .
Rest in peace a good man.
Nexo- Games
*Rest in Peace* 😢
Nielly Gold
Só eu que achei algumas coisas parecidas com Moana!? \nTipo ele tem o colar do formato do anzol do Maui, os trajes são quase os mesmos, tem as embarcações\nSerá que Moana foi inspirado nessa música!?
Ozan Gökoğlu
I hope we meet someday, somewhere over the rainbow.
Paloma Cabello
Es la mejor musica que e escuchando
RN Clash
Ele não está morto,ele esta apenas sobre o arco-iris
RedLion 7483
I love this guy. Period.
Riccardo Abdine
he's fat cause he's filled with love
He not dead he's is in we heart ❤❤❤💛💛💛❤❤❤\nSory my English is not good 😅
Sergio C
Cuando estoy mal siempre me pongo esta canción cierro los ojos y me imagino en el mar encima de una tabla de surf donde nada importa. Es mágica esta canción de verdad
Sheev Hernandez
This song will go to our fallen hero, stan lee! He died today!😭
Sofia Garcia
Me encanta la escucho cada bes que lloro
Sulivan Drisseneti
Como se fosse a primeira vez... Filme :)
Symond Henry Lungtiawia
Anyone out there Who miss all those day in 2018
Tara Tundo
My sister loved this song so much,she listened to it all the time,she died 4 years ago,this song just randomly pops up in my suggestions once in a while out of nowhere and everytime it does i listen to it and think of her...i guess she is over that rainbow too..damn i miss her so much!!!!😭😢😭
Tavim Alves
🇧🇷 Brasil se é brasileiro curte aqui
That Dude
I'm surprised most of the comments are nice and supporting, if only the internet was like that always
Tinndy Maïl
Rest in peace for ever🙏🏻 I love u my Friend, your the rainbow of my heart😭
TokyoDrift whellie
Jurassic 5 to jest *MUZA* na maksa...😎🌋 A *IZ* też jest spoko... Hahaha xd
Tomasz Szakiel
I Love Music somewer over the rainbow
Tommy Nguyen
I listen to this every time I get home from to school, this is the only that makes me happy
Trizick Chadwick
Stan Lee and this guy are both over the rainbow 😭🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Tundra Beats
It´s been 21 years since he has passed away 💔 But his music will live forever
muy bonita cancion me encanto mucho like si la ves en 2018
Twitch Flexo
Ujjwal Tyagi
❤️\nWords can't express our luv for him..
Um carinha aleatório
Tou tentando lembrar em qual desenho ou filme essa música tocou :/ alguém sabe?
Vincent Macias
Amazing song I wish he was not dead
It’s midnight and I’m crying over the death of a guy whose been dead for over 21 years. \n\nGuess that’s how you know it’s good music.
Xboxmaniac888 matthew
I cry every time
Xedric playz
Stan Lee and my history teacher's mom died recently. Now they're over the rainbow 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈
Yohan Rodriguez
2018 September Any??
ZacKnutsen Knutsen
He's big cause he full of all heart and love
aleef nuqman
hes not dead, hes just over the rainbow
alejandro gil ruiz
Israel IZ was a legend and remember that he will always be on the rainbow and not dead
christopher unfus
This song is special to me because the first memory I have of Hawaii was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen.
granny frost
We watched this is music class today and everyone laughed because of his looks, it was only after our teacher told us that he died. I was the only one crying legit tears, 1) becuase i have so much respect for this guy and its so relateable. My dad died in a car crash when i was young but years on im still managing to deal with it, im only 14 but growing up without a dad is so tough you dont realise. This is too relateable😭😭😭😭
im happy
*You are in the rainbow now my friend, R.I.P*
jesus saved me JG
We are food 😐 Earth is a human farm 😐✌️🤟🖖
joel waara
whoever disslikes this has no soal
kaitlin o
Rip mr stan lee....
kubo jiei
Someone give me lyrics please!!
memes br
Essa música é muito linda
sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá
Cadê vocês brasileiros?
قدوري جاكو
Ilike how he makes everyone happy and beloved. r.i.p