The Voice - Best Blind Auditions Worldwide (№11)

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AA Sharp
Holy crap, Germany....
Cholla Ranch
I'm still in a state of disbelief at how badly Portugal initially misjudged the outstanding talents of singer-songwriter Bárbara Tinoco.  I am so glad you included her (7:16), and certainly all of the other wonderful contestants you've presented in these Best Blind Auditions series.  Thank you, my friend.
And, I must add the girl at 34:20 is some kind of gorgeous! Bone structure, style, voice.
Why don't you pick songs from the voice-Arab. They have amazing talent, voices, and music too.
David Ens
A for effort
Denice Fithian
The girl who sang \
germany rules this list
Hadar Msaani
after all this years i still manage to found you; best selection every time Q; love you still ;)
Itsonly Me
So what were the worst like then?
Ivanildo Perera
Saudades de seus vidios?
James Glasgow
close captions in english makes these hilarious
Martin Hagberg
My thumbs up is for Mikayla Jade. 👌👍
All were good--well much better than good, but I don't want to pick just 1 favorite. I love the diversity from all over the world. I will say it was Vira from the Ukraine when I made the decision to subscribe. Great collection--and selection.
00:01 Alessandro Rütten - \
SPM Play
in Brazilian nom tienes the voice?
49:32 Mikayla Jade 'No pressure!' lol Great video! Thank you.
Scott Trotter
If Jon Bon Jovi cant perform for some reason they just found his replacement..holy shit he sounded just like him!!
Super Max
устал от армян
Susan Frometa
First guy wow
Taillon Paul
Wow, one more great selection, and you give listing so I know everything about what I am listening to, you work hard and it shows ! Thanks!
philo sopher
All were wow! However that last girl singer. She has so much ahead of her. Singer writer and a true heart! I was really touched. 😉