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Watch the MOST surprising dancers ever on Got Talent!Including performances from:Old Men Grooving on Britain's Got TalentLight Balance on America's Got TalentPaddy and Nico on Britain's Got TalentOscar Hernandez on America's Got TalentFlorent and Justin on France's Got TalentInnova on Britain's Got TalentTop Talents pulls the best of X Factor, Got Talent & Idols from around the world! From the most amazing to some of the funniest auditions and performances we've ever seen! Watch them all here on YouTube! Never miss an upload subscribe today!Watch more of Top Talent here:

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imagin your teacher does dance like that
I love the 2nd one
Akash Mekkalaki
Age vs Talent.... ✊✌
Alex Rakusiewicz
12:10 music?
Ali Animations
Theses people I can’t even move on stage XD
Almas Khan
Be careful granny 😂
Alvaro Alves
music 12:20 ???
Aman Giri
They All gaes ar the Rock
Andrieli Silva
Essa apresentação do homem com o cadeirante foi simplesmente fantástico, maravilhoso, muito lindo, magnífico. Não desrespeitando os outros q também arrasaram é claro
Anjali Nishad
I think in 3rd performance they were waiting for simon to do that 😂😂😂😂
They first group took it from 'Evolution of Dance' ... \nWell, it's a group and not a single dancer, so I guess that's fine xD\n\nAnd the second act was pretty impressive. Looked great.
Carlos Henrique
Arrepiado com esse vídeo... sem palavras...
The two guys with the wheelchair is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Last group was great too.
Cynthia CS
Song please 1:57?
Da wae
Well.. Money, money and money.😏
The wheelchair guy was really cringy. Dafak is magnifique about jumping on disabled dude and dragging him around.
Elizabeth CRAZY
That first group were riding the lighting
Embrace Muan
Can someone tell the name of the song played on 10:54
Eric Marin
Damn the Niki Minaj one oh dang that one took me by surprise 😲😱😨😰😱😨😲
Etienne Haicha
Ils sont amusants, c’est un bon moment xD.
Fall Out! At The Disco
For the first one, imagine a student watching their teacher dance like that on TV then have to see them again
Gydheone Wagner
The wheelchair dancer is amazing!!!
Hoàng Kim Việt
The first dance group: Welcome to l'Americano :-0
Jaccobb Romero
The dance with the wheelchair is prob one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while.
JackieChin Channydog
See the fat guy from old man groovin he kinda looks like Ed from Shaun of the dead
Jed Tamboong
Simon Cowell is like JR Smith of Cavs on 2018 NBA finals.. Hope you get it guys.. Hahaha
Jim Devlin
Oscar Hernandez to Florent and Justin , from the ridiculous to the sublime !
Josi Kc
The 3rd performance literally killed me😂
Granny is more in shape then me, and im 22😂😂 well done granny!!!
Karla albuquerque Rocha
Arrasaram!! Dance, dance...
Kawai Unicorn
I’m a dancer :D
Kholoud Heddouche
The Hernandez dude be lit he be poppin
Pure cringe most of them.
Kỵ sĩ Bóng đêm
11:39 they should fix the floor after this......
Landon Sullivan
What’s the name of the first song by the first old guys
Les Cargaules
Sérieux ! tt est super beau . show original pour les 2 garçons Français .
Leslie Rodriguez
The 2 men that danced, from France I believe, were incredible, showcasing the wheelchair beautifully. I found the man in white extremely attractive....well really i find any man that can dance attractive.😂😂
Liridon Talaj. I. Love. You. Ninjashyper
I like the lighting dancers these are the best
Little Squidge
OMG imagine being a student of that teacher in old man groovy !
Alô Brasil
Manaf Benayache
7:56 did you see how high did he jump plus his legs were like it s like i m watching Vandam flying kick !
Mario Marujo
8:34 lindooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. As pessoas tinham q ser assim. Ajudar uns aos outros, deficientes ou n, n ter preconceito, mas infelizmente as pessoas n são assim 😢😢
Maurizo Sari
Waw number 2
Max Gamer
Love the 2nd one
Mr. Birdy
How is nobody talking about the wheel chair one that was awesome 👏
Mystery Gaming
The last one was just so beautiful. It almost brought tears to my eyes
8.26 so beautiful
I like the second one and the first one
Naruto Uzumaki
Quando os gringos param de gritar..
Nathaly Reyes
Ja quien se los mira mejor q BTS ..., ok no
Nguye Mbaye
I love u Granny u are the best
Nhat Anh Tran
best is 8:27 i like 😭😭
Noah Marechal
Music 1:43
Phong Đình
4:03 music??? Please
I liked my own comment because no one else will... 😢
Pikachu gaming Iron tail
The wheel chair is so buitiful becasue anyone can do anything if they try
Press Start
3:30 i love that michael jackson reference
Prinzessin Ndsowas
5:08 Never judge a Book by his Cover 🔥
oh boi hahah
Raimund seewind-pinky
sooooooo Beautiful
Red pool
Ils sont la les français!?!?!?!?!?!🔥
Rom Magar
The judge is so idiot by not seeing the dance first give them cross??? In third group
😊. Aaresaresaresaresaresaresaresaresaresaresar
Very good
Sa Ga
Please tell me about the wheelchair act. It was damn emotional but I couldn't understand
Shey Sheyla
Ese gordito baila mas mejor que yo :v
TayJo Dragon
I saw the second one on TV, the most entertaining thing I ever saw, oh and they were called the Light Runners.\nIt was sad because they said they wanted a better future for their kids and show them the light, they made it to the finals.
The Franchise
Watch from 2:45
The Starboy
I bet the first group were childhood friends
4:03 this is how the shoot was made.
Me South korea 안녕! ^.^
Vibhas Ippili
I think the one with illumination lights that should be #2
Vixen _Playz
5:14 \nSimon: is there any way i can reverse me pushing that goddam buzzer?!
Yadira Brito
5:12 love that part
Yoshi_The Founder
The last one is so CRASY !!!!
aya rihab
6.37 the emezing i love him hi is soo spechel
cristina serrachinha
omg gg she is ok
8:27 Song - Ludovico Einaudi - Fly
hossain khoshbakht
از ایران هستم برنامه بسیار جالبی دارید
inferno qwe
Последний танец огоннььь
ingrid santos richter
Kd os Br ? Vamos dominar o mundo !
That 1st group was the cutest thing I've seen since dancing babies, the old lady had me shook with fear and laughter and the wheelchair dance made me cry. Let me off this damn roller coaster of emotions!!
kiara tsoe
Imagine that idiot that was saying imaging being their kids sarcastically on the first group.... The joke is on you their kids are super proud of their dads
leon hu
wheel chair dancing is emotional and inspirational, even though it aint the best but definitely its the most attarctive among all, i love it
minty unicorn9675
The first one killed me
no one
i hate how people are hating on the first group, it’s just a bit of fun, plus they were funny
smart bros
If you simle once by see this and remember your childhood then like
soysophia Max
Şemsi Tunç
8:26 who cry, like me 😭😭😭
Эх,старики жгут!!!Уважение!
Игровая хижина Гувера
Музыка Желаний
Светлана Мокина
magnificent performance
The second group...\nOmg
что сюда писать?
Music 7:14?
ام السان