Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (Video)

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Ahl 0032
Here's the difference why ugly and pretty hurts.\n\nPretty: You're accepted by society but feel like you can't reach their standards. You drive yourself to the edge trying to be perfect that it may break you.\n\nUgly: You're not accepted as easily by society and it may have you feeling incredibly insecure about yourself that it may hurt you. Everyone looks at you like you're something else. You don't feel pretty because society tells you so. \n\n\nFill in if I missed something :) \n\n\nJust remember that if you're beautiful on the inside that's all that counts. Because in the end the outside is just an egg who's waiting to be cracked so you can reveal that beautiful yolk.
Aime Venus
This is art.
Aisha G
This song makes me feel insecure tbh
Alina Bartasiute
That song makes me cry😞😢
Aliyah Higurashi
i don't think it is referring to beauty pageants. i think it's just in general: people are always watching.\nif you're fat and you eat a burger, people judge. they think, you don't even try to lose weight? gross.\nif you're fat and you eat a salad, people judge. they think you're trying to lose weight.loser. \nbut if you're thin, it doesn't matter.\nit could also be about celebrities... they have so much pressure put on them to be perfect.
Ally. sl
My queen 👑 thank you 🙏🏾 ❤️
Ambo Walupime
At first I read it as \
Ana Vieira
2018? 💗
Anna Julia
Annissa gold
2018 ?? :)❤
Anyshiia & Koriion
Pretty does hurt cause people talk,moves away,and laughs at me
Ariana Hernandez
Damn this song is just fire I am in love with this song damn wow FIREEEE I LOVE ITTTTT😍😍😍😍😍😍😣😣😣😣😭😭😦😭😭
Ashley Looper
Truly sad that our society only sees the thin & beauty of women! Instead of the awe empowering souls, hearts & strength of all women. love this video for showing the pain & suffering of these incredible women and not just the put together times. We all have bad days. You’re all amazingly wonderful inside & out!!! Size is just a number. Be happy in your own beautiful skin!!!! \n\nMuch love to Beyonce💕💗💕
Asia Alibadi
Pretty dose hurt I always think why we girls have to wear makeup and be skinny and show skin just to be pretty and perfect and boys don’t have t
Aurore & Sophie
A Queen 🤩👸🏾
Ayo Savage
This song changed my way of looking at Beyonce
Bath House Becky
Camille Wilhite
Tbh I don't understand the point behind these competitions. It hurts more people then makes happy or proud like let's say you are in one of these competitions and you lose that's basically the judges and the audience telling you that you aren't pretty enough or skinny enough or you're not anything enough. That hurts and people would be dissapointed in you and you would be dissapointed in yourself. That stuff hurts and there is no point in hurting people for pointless things. I really don't understand the point behind these things
Crystal L`Shae
Dageé Dageé
Beauty is subjective, don't blame society because someone doesn't like you and doesn't consider you pretty.
Daniel Marone
Sia this song is great! Thx for letting beyonce have it!
Darius Smith
All of those girls were so shady to Beyoncé in the video, but in real life they were probably quaking with fear over how amazing she is.
Darren Lampard
This video ........AMYZING👄💄👑✨
Dima Jounblat
She’s gorggggg❤️💯
Double_ Chin_
*Tryna fix something, but you can’t fix what you can’t see, it’s the soul that needs the surgery. /this is so deep it’s actually painful to hear./*
Ellie Burden
It's sad that this song was published in 2014 and still nothings changed
A beleza machuca, a perfeição é a doença da nação
Esma K
This makes me cry
Frank Makubalo
I Love the message of this song \u003c3 2018 but you can still feel the pain in the voice.... the authenticity of emotion...
Freddie's Modern Kung Fu
Nice video that can wake people up
Gabriel TovarRC
Galaktika Fifii
I got goosbumps
Geovana Cavalcante
Cade os BR? Quem ta ouvindo essa musica em 2017 deixe o like no comentario👍❤
Helen Dorkofiki
thats why i love beyonce
Hillsberry Pie
Still watching in 2018, and I still love the message this spreads❤️
Holiday Angel
I get it on the internet and in humanity people want to be beautiful or handsome because people think that if you're not that then you're not going to be accepted in the world at all, but people shouldn't have to deal with any of that no one should have to fake a smile or laugh knowing they are not happy no one should hide there emotions either everyone should be who they are mentally and physically everyone is beautiful and handsome in there own way don't let words define your true self it will hurt you in the long run and believe me I should know
Hussein Chahrour
Written by my Queen Sia🥀✨🧜🏼\u200d♂️
Ieva Jachimaviciute
I can hear Sia in this song so clearly :) Very much her style.
Irealla Natural Girl
I love this song!
beyonce te amoo daria tudo para ver vc beyonce
Jahiem Davy
6:09 verse though it's so touching
Jhamel Mailopuw
4:50 are people really doing this?!!!! sad :(
Juan Bermudez
I guess those 46k who disliked the video did it because Miss 3rd didn't win, they just didn't like that, because who on earth could dislike this video for other reasons.
K.O. Yoss
Are you happy with yourself? \nStrip away the masquerade, the illusion has been changed. \nAre you happy with yourself? \n\nDeep.
Kelly Melo
Listening to this song\n2014: crying\n2015: crying\n2016: crying\n2017: crying\n2018: crying\nCan't fucking listen with no cries
Keyara Lysius
Summer 2k18 ?
Kritika Singh
2018 anyone? 💖
Little Weirdo
I remember seeing this when I was younger, not knowing the world would be so hard.\nAs I'm older I realised that this is hard, but true, as I've been struggling with my body image a lot over the past year. This should be showed to girls, woman and guys from all ages
Mia Bmx
Milana Pakhomova
Murilo Louzada Benitez
Nicole Dugan
I feel for her so much 😢💔
Obisanya Johnson
July 2018
Paloma Pepper
Mama said you‘re a pretty girl,\nwhat‘s in your head,\nit doesnt matteres.\nBrush your hair, fix your teeth\nwhat you wear is all it matters.\n\nDeep.😟😟
Rafael Oliveira Music
The best song of the album so far ...\nBest lyrics, best vocals, best message, best video.\nBeyoncé, please PROMOTE this song, this is the hit of the album,\ndeserves to be a worldwide #1!!!!\nIf you agree me, thumbs up!!!
Ryan Stewart
why did I cry when she said 'to be happy' I think we all can relate
Saniyah Watts
Guys I know I know non of u but be whatever u wanna be in life
Sarah DZ
The message in this song is very deep 💔❤
Savanna Jones
Tbh im dont like myself, i don't like the way i look. I try and change the way i look
Senovia Corona
Pretty does hurt in real life😭
Beyonce and sia make the best collaborations
Shadean Millen
Pretty hurts 😔\nWe are just actors of our own story 💔
Sim Simas
That poor girl vomiting in the bathroom.
Smyrna girl
My Quenn 💞
bruh 2018 and this shit still feels like it was yesterday.
Sweet Rain
Love yourself for who you are... Beautiful song Queen B.🌹
Taunya Booker
Thalles Augusto
Ugliness hurts too.
Thomas Jacksun
Guy in weighing scene looks like the twink from tanacon lmao
Tonio Ferg
I'm the only guy that likes this song
This song is just beautiful. I’ve listened to this song probably about 1million times. I remember when this song first released. It makes me cry sometimes. 💜
#whatispretty ? An individual that can be comfortable in their own skin, while pursuing their dreams without the influences of America's many judgmental media outlets changing them.
Unique Preddie
Is it just me who saw how uncomfortable she was was through her smile it really showed her point that she wasn't happy But she felt like this is something she was obliged to do
Written by sia but slayed by Beyonce
Zebra Cakezzz
It’s the soul that needs the surgery-2018
alis estrada
We get it. Written by sia. Thank you Kanye, very cool!
Mama said, you're a pretty girl\nWhat's in your head it doesn't matter\nBrush your hair, fix your teeth\nWhat you wear is all that matters\n\nJust another stage\nPageant the pain away\nThis time I'm gonna take the crown\nWithout falling down, down\n\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nPerfection is the disease of a nation\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nTryna fix something\nBut you can't fix what you can't see\nIt's the soul that needs the surgery\n\nBlonder hair, flat chest\nTV says bigger is better\nSouth beach, sugar free\nVogue says\nThinner is better\n\nJust another stage\nPageant the pain away\nThis time I'm gonna take the crown\nWithout falling down, down, down\n\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nPerfection is the disease of a nation\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nTryna fix something\nBut you can't fix what you can't see\nIt's the soul that needs the surgery\n\nAin't no doctor or therapeutic that can take the pain away\nThe pain's inside\nAnd nobody frees you from your body\nIt's the soul that needs surgery\nIt's my soul that needs surgery\nPlastic smiles and denial can only take you so far\nAnd you break when the paper signs you in the dark\nYou left a shattered mirror\nAnd the shards of a beautiful girl\n\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nPerfection is the disease of a nation\nPretty hurts\nShine the light on whatever's worse\nTryna fix something\nBut you can't fix what you can't see\nIt's the soul that needs the surgery\n\nWhen you're alone all by yourself\nAnd you're lying in your bed\nReflection stares right into you\nAre you happy with yourself\nIt's just a way to masquerade\nThe illusion has been shed\nAre you happy with yourself\nAre you happy with yourself\nYes
dante dante
*Miss 3rd ward*
what a woman....
ekcaj sgolv
We get it, written by sia. Now shush and enjoy the mf song.
hanne schepers
No words, just crying
ioio123459io 3edcvfr4
To this who read this:You're beautiful in the inside and in outside! You're beautiful just the way you are!
jassy 13621
Boys just don't understand the pain 💯 And they date girls for there body most of them and how they look and not about who they are
jodian Latouche
lisa soraya
This song make me cry because i'm not happy with myself
love dogs love god
Sia só faz música boa
mitchell rowe
2018 anyone
puss n boots
Oh my goi I cried this is so deep
srushti rajput
2018 this song still rocks
uniprinces liya
2018 beauty isn't everything
vertiz butler
This is my favorite 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😸😸😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😁😁😀😀😀
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