The Voice - Amazing blind auditions that surprised the judges

The judges didn't expected to see this contestant when they turned their chairs!!!!More videos to come

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*Mrs. Voldemort*
They all very good. \nBut the first and the last ones give me goosebumps all over my body, mouth wide open, and tears hanging in my eyes...while I don't understand a single world they say!!!!\n\nThat's the true amazing artists/singers IMHO. \n\nVoices beyond this world... 😍😭😍😭😍😭\n\nOk, time to rewatch again, haha...thank-you for the video maker...👌👌👌
A aqoooly
Aram this is a man's world Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiing ^_^
Aaron Baker
Alex Leiva
I don't know wtf he's saying but that shit make me cry
Ani Sahagh
Anwyll Music
That last act. Tears in my grown man eyes.
Aria 787
The dude at 5:00 has a great voice
Ashley Adams
the nun was my biggest shock i swear my heart stop beating for a second lmao
Ashura Reyton
00:00 The Ancient Musics !!!!! I LOVE THIS GUY ! Infinite Inspire!
Brooke Bailey
That first one was absolutely great. I didn't understand a word and honest I don't even know what language that was, but it doesn't really matter if I understood it or not. It was amazing.
Bryn Harding
25 year old man and I'm bloody crying at the sheer beauty of that last performance.....absolutely breathtaking!
Cadi Levox
First dude?\nMust have been what a bard sounds like in the middle ages.. \nmay, this is awesome!
Carrie Cupcakes
Is no one gonna talk about that awesomesauce nun? :O
Charlie Mendez
0:00 Luc Arbogast (Voice of France) - Cancion Sefaradi\n2:54 Tommaso Pini (Voice of Italy) - Summertime Sadness\n4:49 Ferry de Ruiter (Voice of Holland) - At Last\n6:49 Suor Cristina Scuccia (Voice of Italy) - No One\n8:49 Aram Mp3 (Voice of Armenia) - It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World\n11:55 Ira Green (Voice of Italy) - Black Dog\n13:47 Nargiz Zakirova (Voice of Russia) - Still Loving You\n15:48 Battista Acquaviva (Voice of France) - Psaume de David
Chris Kereopa
That last contestant on a WHOLE another level!!!!
Clif Anderson
I've been watching some talent show compilations; this was the best I've seen by far.
Cléa Vdl
The name of the first singer is Luc Arbogast and he also sang the theme of GoT  and the last singer is Battista Acquaviva ;) They're from France
That last one got me.... When you sing like a flute. Bless your beautiful soul.
The last act was absolutely flawless. Beautiful voice
Daniel Redcliff
While listening the first song i just went to another world.
David Stevens
That last performance is incredible. I don’t know what she is saying but it made me cry. Magnificent!
Emma Hardwick
The first guy was born in the wrong century
Eva Monforte
The name of first song? It was amazing OMG I JUST CAN'T...
Gancho Ganchev
guys can you give me the name of the first guy?
'Lol that first guy. I think he was born some 600 years too late.
Am I the only one who looked through the comments just to see stuff about the nun
Greg Featherson
Wow 14:00 that chick is hot!
Greg Johnson
The first guy makes me feel like I'm living in a different realm
Gritteigh Gritz
The vocal control of the guy singing At Last still blows me away. Made me happy anyways ^^
Guy with many name
the nun XD god bless her hope she makes it big
Hemant Sachan
That last performance though. I got goosebumps. It was out-of-this-world mesmerizing.
Hew Nootron
that last one is one of the last voices I'd expect to hear an audition. I bet the judges were thinking \
LMFAO, the last girl. Oh my god, did you see it? At 17:55 ? The judges all have this look that's part \
Never heard anything like the last one, and I have no idea why, but it was so beautiful that I was in tears.
Jin charlie biazon Blood brothers 2019
the last one sounded mystical, makes my soul want to fly back to eternity... awesome!
Joao Suarez
The last one is amazing.
John Stjohn
Rocking Nun was awesome
Julia Smietanka
The girl at 14:40 the best she is perfect my god!
Kainaat Khan
A nun singing? xD omg
Keith Purdue
Of course there are Luc and Battista. Almost obscene vocal prowess.
Khairul Azmani
Unbelievieable that voice the last one girl.... Amazing
Khanh Phạm Đình
The last woman, I just think that she's coming from the myth. So fanciful.
Linoura Farepei
J'adore le 1er et la dernière vidéo \u003c3
MF M.Mokhtar
all of them are superb but the first and the last are ridiculously amazing !!! goosebumps ! although I dont understand a word :)
Mack P
The woman singing Still Loving You was OUTSTANDING.
The first and last are French :) proud
Miku Hatsune
At 11:59, that girl knows rock and roll!!!
Mir Ravens
The first singer and the last should unite for a great duet
Modern BoreFare
Last one makes me cringe, so many off key notes, and vocal tremolo...ugh...\nPeople actually liked that?
The first and last ones come from The Voice France. Incredible! Never seen something like that in other countries. Just imagine that in a castle or a medieval church!
The first and last were amazing because they were so different. But the james brown guy and the russian lady were ridiculously good. The others especially number 2 were good but not great.
Nelson F H
The first and the last are really special... they don't belong to the industry...
OJ Mayo Light
The guy at 4:55 has talent and some treasure... if you NOSE what I mean...
best ever this girl from Russia with Scorpions song
Pirate Cat
Eh You uploaders! You love making compilations? Then the least you can do is write down the freakin playlist with the times in the description !!!!!!!
First audition makes me crazy, i cant listen the others, please tell me the name :)
Prenses Nada
I had to mention my respect for the french audience for not ruining that masterpiece by their cheering like other audiences do -_- THANKS GUYS/ MERCI
Puitei Pakhumate
I'm still loving you
Rainbow Kush
I saw that first guy live in Strasbourg - amazing voice...
Richard Ikin
What was that last one? It's definitely out of this world incredible!
Rollie R
The first one was great the last one was amazing'
Ruty Osbourne
ke pedazo de vozz el del minuto 10\u003c\u003c impresionante--
13:48. OMG, I got my headphones on, so I could blast it without neighbors calling Polizei!!!!!!!!
Scotty Mat
I agree with most of your choices but I have to say, That last artiste was absolutely breathtaking. What control & range, Beautiful.Thank you for uploading
Shannen Mccann
my god the last girl is a living angle
Dammmn the first one sang so beautifully 💗😭
Slick Sylba
the last one whooooaaaaa
Soochz Kookoo
The last one was so breath-taking!
Stephen McColgan
Is it bad that I don't recognise any of the judges?
Stryker Nine
That last song though,  talk about mesmerizing performance.
The first guy needs to do music for Game of Thrones. Damn.
Tasha Simmons
Woooow the last one is so amazing ...never heard anything like that
Tim Timmons
the first guy is making me question my sexuality
Vasile Surdu
first and last should sing together
Vilisoni Taufa
What's the first song? I love it XD
Whats it to you?
That first one should sing for games tailors or the games theme song, that shit was so good !
Zion Jung
wow! \na real siren ...of the last girl...
Last one was simply amazing. Everyone was hushed mesmerized.
ash ketchum
8:27 the nun killed it.
damn, that russian girl with the tattoos is beautiful
cloe watson
The guy at 4:00 was really having a summer time sadness until the end
donna jackson
the last one was on a whole other level.. amazing!
hangagaj tbk
First and last performances took me outta this world ❤❤
izanami _
Wow!!! Facinating....that last lady deported me back to ancient civilization. Intense music
johnny Appleseed
the first and last performances were amazing.
jpt prabs
The last one make me very seriously n emotional,,,,,,
kaylin josey
That nun killed it, I loved her singing
They are all good but that 2nd to last one, her voice just reaches out and takes your soul, commanding it to listen.
omid dorrani
4:27 sounded like me when I turn on the hot water in the shower.
osama elhawy
I liked the work on the video more than the voices\nyou have done a good job
puderplunze 1986
the woman at 14:00 , damn !!!
14:00 wtf with the judges?
reena best
That last woman, simply captivating!
The last girl was a siren right out of Homer's tales of the Odyssey....magnificent.
silke loroch
the last women...Sie is from heaven...amazing!
The last one very difficult voice.... How nice
16:00 still gives me chills. Her voice is out of this world amazing.