Rancid 11th Hour: Live at Blast Surf N Skate

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Andrew Smailes
they need to tour the UK again the last time i missed them now my daughter is into them i would love to take her another generation into proper music.
Blodfågel Spindelkräk
holy fuck, this is awesome!!
Connor Mortifier
lol he sounds like a little kid
Dewey P90
Dr. Steve Knighton
one of your american presdential candidates should come out to this verson of this song
Gary Batchley
I love rancid playing acoustic
Different! Still love it to bits!
Hugues Boulanger
wtf ... piano / acoustic Tim Armstrong is dopest mix ever !!
Jago Russo
Vic himself :)
Jeanne Harmon
You saved me today; I forgot how much your music soothes me, always - Thank you. \u003c3 When i need it most, I can always put on Rancid to pick me up and get me out. So grateful for your music all these years.
Juliana Duica Contreras
This makes my day everytime I watch it, and I've watched it at least 234 times XD
Kyle Bowles
Nailed that Randy Newman impression 10/10
Lennox Killjoy
man,so long since op ivy, its pretty amazing how far they've come
god these are great! WELCOME ALL TRUE RANCID FANS! saw them twice... sooo pumped whenever i hear a song
Mark Waters
Is that Vic Ruggiero on the piano?\nAnyone know?
Is that Vic from The Slackers?
Oded Hen
how do you get that vocal sound from a microphone? it's so clear...
Pedro Ortiz
its like ragtime rock??
Rancid FRiot
Enormous capture !!
Ryan Jay
fucking genious
Shaun Hickock
truth poetry
I only have one living punk hero: Tim Armstrong
Terry Bueneman
June 3, 2013....I want to dedicate this vid to a new and very special friend of mine, Violet, who is very brave and going through many changes, right now. I am proud of you for living your truth and honored to be included in her world....
Teruel CD
damn good.
Testing One Two Three
That raspy voice! Awesome!!
The trails are calling.
Tim you are a legend love this live version .
I love this song, its just good
jefri pardede
ga berwarna, sakit mata
holy shit this is sooo awesome!!!
Love this
patrick tufts
I love this so much
sandro palme
timothy you r a legend\n
this is a god awful desecration of a once great song.
utter fackin brilliance.