Geto Boys - My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

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Geto Boys ‎– Mind Playing Tricks On Me (1991)

Big Mike Bushwick Bill DJ Ready Red Gangsta Rap Geto Boys Ghetto Boys Old School Hip Hop Prince Johnny C Scarface The Slim Jukebox Willie D

Perfect song for Maniac
AllahJew Cuckbar
The Halloween verse always gives me the shivers.
Alonzo Boyd
3.5k people dislike woww....gotta be mumble rapper fans smh.....1 of da hardest songs to come out....FACTZ 💯💯💯💯
Andre L. Vaughn
Still Hella 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯➕💯
Arianna Ricca
How many here from “Maniac”?
Assassin Games
Happy Halloween bois!
Blue Diamond
Buffalo Minotaur
Back when rap music had meaning now its just some guy yelling at you about weed
Byron Herrera
It's unofficially the Halloween time hip hop song. Such a classic.
Byron Welichko
Opera is the greatest music ever conceived and my favorite type of music but this song is pretty amazing.
Chris Leal
I wanna know if anyone knows about what theyre explaining in the song. If you do reply or if you dont wanna say just hit like. Only real brothas know what this shit is about 💯❇
Cliffy Hustle
Quite Possibly The Best Rap Song Ever Made
Curty Langston
Got shot at about a week ago. Since then, I went back to this song, it helps me get through the nights.
D Spencer
It's Halloween night 2018...about to rob these lil kids for bags....Damn! my mind playing tricks on me, again!
real rap right here. ✌
Anyone else here from GTA 5
Diggin' In The Crates
Four stories in one song, describing different mental disorders, in a lyrically flawless way...\nThat's Art!
Dontavious Sanders
Bushwick with the greatest plot twist ever.
Dr Gong Shank Tha Chef
Before the sagging...
Dr. Love 1987
Songs like this tell stories. Songs today talk about crap and/or repeat themselves for 3-4 minutes.
Dumisa Tony Johnson
Grand Theft Auto V brought me here!! 🎮 🔫
I like how the beat is simpler,instead of loud drums over the rappers voice.You can actually hear him rap.
Elmo Blatch
Back in college, had this and Nirvana on the same walk man. Harmony.
Flowmo Filozofeur
Maniac took me here ! :)
Gary Minter
Excellent and scary song! A true study in paranoia. One of my all-time favorites....
Generic White Guy
How can a song have such dark content but be so uplifting at the same time
George D. Metellus
One of the greatest songs in music history. The story, the lyrics, the beat. A True Hip-hop classic
Gustavo Rosso
Brasil 2018!
*_N O - - S - T A L G - - I A_*
ILL Sean
Always loved this song but Maniac brought me back.
Ikue P
Just heard this bumping in the background of new Jonah Hill Netflix series called \
Ivan Liukin
Classic wicked track!
RIP DJ Ready Red✨
Jacopo Cesareo
I'm here cause this is my Halloween anthem, just like every year I have to listen to this lyrical masterpiece, very influential.
James Reese
my mind playing trick on \nme you know my brother \nthis is the jam i will always\nlike this song \npeace out
James Wagner
When he flips the table😂
Jason Bradshaw
“If I die then my child will be a bastard” \n\nThat’s deep.
Anyone got reminded of this song watching Maniac on Netflix?
Jorge Cristsles
Happy Halloween everybody .. 🙏🏼
Kapteeni Finland
I've never heard the \
King Lyoko
hands up to everybody who knew this song before Kodak Black
Kyle O'Bryan
This is the best rap song of all time.
Leroy Greer
My Halloween song!!!!!
Luis Flores
We need a Geto Boys movie now!
Michelle Depew
I must be older than half the people commenting because me and my girls use to cruise in the '66 to this and I came here to listen and reminisce and everyone talking about Kodiak Black on here and I have know clue who he is, I guess he's just another young cat trying to take credit from the real OGs
Mike Jackson
Rap masterpiece
Mitch Seward
I heard the opening in Maniac and was ready for Kodak but then this came on so I had to check out this good stuff
Morgeez TV
Whatta song!!! As realest as it can ever get. This is real hip hop. The real hip hop that we all knew!
Mr.pusakie Gaming
Who’s still listening in 2018
“SHIT” makes you see things sometimes
Who Still Remember The Lyrics After All This Time 🙌🏿
Name_less _Memer
Rip Dj ready red Thank you for everything you’ve made with the geto boys you will be missed
Nick Herrera
lm here cuz a mumble rapper sampled this song recently
Pablo garcia
This year Halloween fell on a Wednesday ☹️
Phantom 309
Kodak Black - Transportin: 126 MLN Views\n\nGetto boys - Mind Playing tricks on me: 19 MLN Views\n\nWtf is wrong with people
Anyone came because of Genius: Kid Cudi?
Raquel Williams
This song was 🔥🔥 back in the days😘😘
Raul Banuelos
old school rap is way much better than the rap right now. Why did it have to change
Rexford Bonsu
i swear tracks like this will never be made again in hiphop land
Riccardo Abdine
Wtf is a Kodak Black?
Rob B
ah... when rap was rap, can't it all be so simple..
Rodas Tau
Another year, another Halloween jammin' out to this classic.
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else was watching and listening to this on MTV in 1991!
Ryan Carlen
This year Halloween fell on a Wednesday
Sara Randolph
Sascha Knierim
Who is still watching in 2018..Yeahh Oldschool Thx,from Germany:-)
Scott Anderson
Evolution of Hip Hop bringing me to all these bangers
Senton World Wrestling
Glad I know this song without Kodak
Sho Kosugi
The real gangsta's of Hip Hop !
Super Baez
Take me back to them good oh early 90s
Sweepman 32
This a true hip hop masterpiece
Ten of Cups
Paranoia is present all 4 verses but the main theme of\nVerse 1- Anxiety\nVerse 2 - Paranoia\nVerse 3 - Depression\nVerse 4 - Hallucinations
Terrell King
Still vibin to this😎😎
ThatBoii Rolph
This song also should had been on GTA Sam Andreas, who else agree?
The blue thunder青い雷
To here for Maniac ?
Tommex Wijs
GTA west coast classics
Tundra Boy
You can't tell the Story of Hip Hop without this song.
this song has helped me with my wifes death. i feel like im not alone
This is so fucking good🔥
Victoria Johnson
One of the finest \
amen to everybody who knew this song before gta v
R.I.P Ready Red!
1991 Maniac Radio brought me here.
This song is forever powerful AF
Halloween 2018! 🙌🏻
javi m
you know youre getting old when you first heard this watching the video on black box and kids saying they heard it on a video game
kevin ambrose
Ah yes, nothing like old school!!!!!
kiwi swiss
lee jr
This is the song that truly put the geto boys n on the map
I'm a Maniac!
not ry
One of the greatest hip hop songs ever recorded
Congressman Ryan Costello (R) referenced this track on MSNBC in response to Trump after losing his election last night. Didn't see that coming! I don't jive with Republican politics but props Costello.
samrawi tedros
Never get enough of this song.
scout4sound 301
I often drift when I drive, having fatal thoughts of suicide
simon may
Manic episode 7 :)
One of the greatest Halloween rap songs.
tory rapp
أبو الليل
That Sacrface verse 3 man oh man