Bach - Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo

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Discuss/review/recommend the work at Title : Johann Sebastian Bach, Double Violin Concerto in D minor (2nd movement, Largo Ma Non Tanto (BWV 1043) From Wikipedia , The Concerto for Two Violins in D minor (BWV 1043) is perhaps one of the most famous works by J. S. Bach and considered among the best examples of the work of the late Baroque period. Bach wrote it in Leipzig sometime between 1730 and 1731, most likely for the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, of which he was the director. It also exists in an arrangement for two harpsichords, transposed into C minor (BWV 1062). In addition to the two soloists, the concerto is scored for strings and basso continuo.The concerto is characterized by the subtle yet expressive relationship between the violins throughout the work. The musical structure of this piece uses fugal imitation and much counterpoint.The concerto comprises three movements:VivaceLargo ma non tantoAllegro

1043 2nd BWV Bach Concerto Double Johann Largo Ma Non Sebastian Tanto Violin classical in minor movement music world

Iv'e listened to this for 20 years and everytime it is as good as it's always been. I don't need lyrics to appreciate music that speaks for itself.
Alessandra Reitz
I can feel my soul traveling through the peace...
Aleyna Sanli
MüKemmel very nice
Aron Tesfay
One of my favorites of Bach's works. Sounds divine
Asilhan Bilâl
Johann Sebastian Bach'a benden çok önce,\nMozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Robert Schumann ve Felix Mendelssohn'da onun en önemli hayranları arasındaydılar..\nVe benden önce ona William Shakespeare ve Isaac Newton da hayrandı..\nBen sadece ona değil; benden önce ona hayran olanlara da hayranım.
Avni Yiğit Göksu
o değil yukarıda türkçe rahatlatıcı müzik yazıyor bu kadar gavur nasıl toplandı la :D
Ayçin Topcu Ünal
very very beautiful very nice 👏 👏 👏
If you're learning this piece, I posted a video tutorial for 2nd violin and my friend the Online Piano and Violin Tutor posted one for 1st violin.  We're going to be posting our YouTube collab performance in the next day or two.  I hope we can help you learn this great piece of music!
I was waiting for the Teletubbies to come over that hill!
Bridgette aoki
Feels like i'm floating, with this kind of  composition. And its rhythm cradles me  with  unique and pure  gentleness that carries me into a different dimension, where  peace is only known.
he is still alive
Cesar Umali
am not an expert in music but Bach's music is truly the best, soothing my soul uplifting my spirit to the highest level of elation, euphoria, exhilaration which other music cannot give.  can I get an amen to that?
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Daniel Wong
This piece was played while waiting for a wedding to start earlier today. Glad to listen to it here again
Dany Shawol
Sentimental y melancólica. No hay nada mejor que escuchar música instrumental para alimentar, activar y relajar la mente. Para un escritor(a) es lo mejor para curar esos días en los que se va la creatividad.
David Kennedy
This is divine music, so close to God and so sweet in the human ear.
Deane Johnson
I'm older than dirt and every time this piece it's like the FIRST time! Bach was a God blessed genius .
Don Schwellenbach
how incredibly beautiful, brings tears to my eyes ...... of joy
Dr. Robin and Dr. Sarah
bachs music is music where your soul gets lost inside every note i love it
Ester Balbi
wonderful Bach...he makes me fly....!!
Fabiano Santos
“Todos os dias devíamos ouvir um pouco de música, ler uma boa poesia, ver um quadro bonito e, se possível, dizer algumas palavras sensatas” \n― Johann Goethe
Fatma Dridi Ben Aissa
Febe Polluce
Adoro, adoro!\n Il violinista arriva realmente alla suprema grandezza quando non è più lui che suona il violino ma quando l'arco strappa dall'anima sua, e non dalle corde, le note più imploranti e desolate.\nGiovanni Papini
Giacomo Barbareschi
Semplicemente il pezzo più bello di tutta la musica classica!
Ginger Taylor-Saclioglu
Who are the performers? And to The Seer: Where are you? Where is your village?
Guy גיא זלמנוביץ - Zalmanovich
This is GOD's words in notes.
Gülten Bulut
Ders çalışırken harika oluyor.
Henk Damster
This is what you can hear when souls meet in harmony.So melodious and refined, a blessing to our hearts and ears:-)\nThank you Johann Sebastian Bach, thank you musicians who performed this masterpiece.
Hermetic Kitten ASMR
Soothing, inspiring, marvellous. These melodies bring me back to older times, graceful worlds and poetic atmospheres.
Hsiao-Hui Chiu
Peaceful :)
Ich liebe diesen Mann Johann Sebastian Bach
Irena Steiner
I listen to it now at breakfast. It harmonizes my senses, gives energy and at the same time reassuring. Beautiful music. :)
IsabellaMaria Bordoni
just another good start into the new day / week. :)
Jackson Bolan
Why do I feel so guilty listening to this piece?
No one can take you to an uplifting journey around the circle of fifths but JS Bach. He is harmony personified. Not a single one of his compositions is disagreeable.
Jaikee Berlin
*For starters:* BWV means Bach Werkverzeichnis (*Bach catalogue of music*).\nIt is estimated that Johann has written about 2000 pieces of which several hundred are lost to the present day. BWV 1–224 are cantatas; BWV 225–249, large-scale choral works including his Passions; BWV 250–524, chorales and sacred songs; BWV 525–748, organ works; BWV 772–994, other keyboard works; BWV 995–1000, lute music; BWV 1001–40, chamber music; BWV 1041–71, orchestral music; and BWV 1072–1126, canons and fugues.
Joan Meijer
Classical Music Only except for the Youtube Ads which are heavy, jarring, rock....don't know how fast to turn off the sound.
Joe Bengtson
I wonder what Bach is doing with his life right now???\n\nPerhaps he's..... decomposing?
Jottah Oliveira
I love this so much...
Juan Eduardo Alsina Orellana
Delightful music.
Juliana Mendes
Adoroooo Bach
Kallyta Cristina Silva Gomes
Belíssima!!!!Minha música preferida!
Karolína Kučerová
I love this! I played the 1st violin and together with my friend we won a violin contest :) 
Kiba GGM
es la musica de dios
Laureano Luna
Mi pieza favorita de Bach.
Laurie Trlak
I am learning this movement (2nd violin) to be performed next May. This concerto is one of my favorite pieces of music.
Lee Cheuk Sung
After listened Bach's works for more than thirty years, finally understand why his music could traverse along the fourth dimension to the infinity!
Madi Magda
Me gusta mucho la musica buena,me hace soñar con los ojos abiertos.
Marco Riccioppo
It´s just a wow. Many thanks.
Matt Alderman
we need more of this kind of music now days
Matthew J Bonneau
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written for the violin. Have not played this for 30 years. Makes me want to play violin seriously again. Mabe in another life. If any of the music I write were this beautiful, I could die tomorrow and be satisfied...
Mauro Levrin
We have smartphones and tablets, computers and even rockets to fly to other planets, but we also should stop and realize how much we miss such an extraodinary soul like Bach.
Miette Poutouche
Bach le plus GRAND
Nury Guzman
a deep love story
Olusegun Adesola Oluwole
Touches my heart all the time.
Olya Driftersha
Божественная музыка,душа отдыхает.
Prince Maarij
what a beautiful Bach. ... ❤
Bach...Master of Masters.
Rick Montgomery
Rocio Castro
!Bellisimo musical! ♡☆♡••♡☆••
Rose McGuinn
What a wonderful interpretation of one of Bach's best! Wow!
Ryan Boulton
When words begins!!
Simon Leung
I was introduced to the music of J.S. Bach 40 years ago at the age of 6. When my uncle brought over a cassette tape from Paris,France with the words: \
Stars & Catz
Music's simply such an essential component of living. Very difficult to think of our world without it. Thanks a ton for this upload.
Stephen Carroll
The perfect melding of heart and mind. The warmth of astonishing....
Stephen Matuszak
Thank you!  This is beautiful music!
Steven Carter
Just close your eyes and breath...Thank you for this beautiful peace...
String Tickler
Found myself shaking my head in amazement several separate times during this piece. It includes every soul-stirring and euphoric emotion known to mankind. Simply beautiful
Suzanne Huffman
J'taime, Herr Bach!
Wow! We no ever have the internet in my village. Now we have! What is this sound I am hearing? It be like the Gods want me to hear the paradise! It be heaven!! I crying for 4 hours!!!
Trevor Brass
One of the most relaxing classical pieces I've listened to.
Tushar Mehra
love this concerto
Tuğçe Uzun
çok huzurlu
Walter GC
Music, the universal language.
One of the best classical pieces I've ever heard
aleko damaskinos
Immortal piece of work by my favourite composer! where are they all? Why today nobody writes music that will be remembered for ever and ever....All \
anncats sunderland
My dad and I used to play this all the time - he got the concert violin I had the orchestra one and we had a lovely time.  I was never good enough though, he was wonderful.
annemiek onwijn
What a genius and sensitive person you must have been, putting such an intense human conversation into such beautiful music. Touches my soul every time I hear it........
arghya lahiri
heaven is here! in this music!
arnold winter
Pour ma maman et  mon papa
artamatorcom artamator
Music from Eden !
azra •
Hiç türk yokmu ki
carbon dioxide
i'm so turnt up right now woooooooooooooo!!!!
Brain requested this again:\n\nThanks.
emilija janka
cant believe there are people who dislike this piece..
Only Bach could compose that.No other composer had a similiar gift.As mozart saw notes from Bachs \
kanyathida sangkhaphrom
make me very happy.
kirk simpson
at last found some great music
maria velazquez de angulo
Wonderful Bach Violin Concerto, Thank You .
melissa tamayo
Absolutely beautiful.
oswald wellman
It's a pity that someone who posts wonderful music like this, don't think to let us know who the soloists or instrumental group are.
rajoelisolo patricia
The most lasting proof of his genius! Yeah,this music comes straight into my heart!
sinem aydın
ders çalışırken odaklanmamı sağlıyor ve mütiş bi konser gibiydi bayıldım👏👏
walter bishop
Thanks for relaxing me after leaving jobs and realtionships for the past 7 years while I have lived in dozen countries.
Gerubach is one of the few who display Bach's work wonderfully. Search for his channel in youtube.
Łucja Pecuch
I heard that this is relaxing.... i disagree, there is so much emotions! 
Лариса Шатихина
Фантастическая музыка:)🌷🍃🌹🍃🌷
ุ ุ
I met this heavenly music after i was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It helped me to improve my emotional state. Thanks Bach, May God Bless Your Soul