Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi - Four SeasonsBudapest StringsBela Banfalvi, ConductorYou can get the exact album I have here on Amazon: I hope you love this recording! It is my favorite one I've heard yet. Happy Listening!AnAmericanComposer

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I was born in the wrong generation.
I hate the ads every 5 minutes
Alexa Dibely
me recuerda a mi querido papa😭
Hello, everyone, just a bit of shilling of my original work here: if you are interested in the mad ravings of a contemporary composer, I would recommend you check out my new blog at, where I will analyze my pieces (and provide free PDFs of them) as well as talk about favorite pieces and other random stuff that crosses my mind.
Azor Ahype
2:45 when you sip on the perfect tea
BecauseIm Irene
Spring: 00:00\nSummer: 10:31\nAutumn: 20:59\nWinter: 32:48
Benjamin Marks
Winter and summer represent extremes, whereas fall and spring are milder mediums of playful serenity.
Biam Martin
This is the most viewed classical music video on youtube...
Carmen Wagner
I love the autumn
Carolina Calabuig Marti
this is real music
Why is it that Summer is the least optimistic sounding of the four?
Cremilda Cerqueira
Alguém que fala português? \nAlguém em 2018?\nDá um like.
Cristian ccav
Greetings from Namekusein.
Damage INC.
this is clearly metal of the 1700s
David Jin
I personally think I was born in the right generation. I mean come on, I\n live in a time when I can pull up any classical work I want and listen \nto it as much as I want, and can even rewind, forward, and pause it. \nThat's so cool when you think about it. This may not be the kind of \nmusic most people listen to, but if you appreciate classical music, this\n is actually a great time to be alive. You can find pretty much any \nmusical work you want on the Internet regardless of musical time period,\n composer, or ensemble type. And that's a recent thing too; a lot of you\n probably remember a time when that wasn't possible. This particular \nvideo hasn't even been up five years yet! I see a lot of comments about\n being from the wrong generation and such, but think about it...Back in \nthe day, you wouldn't be able to just pull up your favorite piece in \nyour own home and listen to it as much as you want.  You would have to \nwait until a symphony near you chose to perform your favorite piece. If \nyou truly love classical music, or any music for that matter, this is a \nfantastic time to be around, whether you know it or not!
Man, I fell asleep listening to this, and ended up having a dream about a giant poisonous spider chasing me, it's legs were moving in time to; 35:47. I could hear the music in the background in my dream, but it was more of a action/horror version lol.
Einshine Goku
This is quite a slow way to learn the seasons.
Electro Ghost
You like Italy? Viva l'ITALIA!!
Elias Hakala
For mobile users\n\nSpring 00:00\n\nSummer 10:31\n\nAutumn 20:59\n\nWinter 32:48 (My favorite)
Emma R
A\nAn\nAnt\nAnto\nAnton\nAntoni\nAntonio\nAntonio V\nAntonio Vi\nAntonio Viv\nAntonio Viva\nAntonio Vival\nAntonio Vivald\nAntonio Vivaldi\nAntonio Vivald\nAntonio Vival\nAntonio Viva\nAntonio Viv\nAntonio Vi\nAntonio V\nAntonio\nAntoni\nAnton\nAnto\nAnt\nAn\nA\n\n\n\nCiaooooo!!!!!♡☆
Erin Biggs
want your plants to grow/improve ? play this on your speakers near your plants. they love Vivaldi and mozart. real shit. they did a study on this.
I feel wealthy just by listening to this.
Former X
Garance Vise
J'aime beaucoup cette musique il y a du violon c'est beau le violon
George Pantzikis
Only 1720's kids will remember this
Gijs Nagel
Modern music makes us shake our hips\nClassical music shakes our souls
Golden Hat
Who else thinks ‘Winter’ is the best?
jejku! jak on gra na tych skrzypcach!
Gugs Gugs
Without doubt, the most beautiful music written and performed to perfection, smiled for the whole 42 min, Bravo Vivaldi!
Henry Mostow
Why are people listening to trash pop now, instead of this???????
I am Prox
Un clasico xdddd
Igli Zegali
My favorite one is Winter
Imran Bughio
Anyone listening this in 3000? ❤
Jason Hao
When I hear vavaldi’s music, I literally start dancing on the inside!
Jayden Chong
Stop scrolling through the comments and study
Jesse A
Hopefully, people still listen to Vivaldi in 100 years and every single person on this planet has forgotten about Despacito. I enjoy that thought.
Jessy J.
0:33\nWhen the music literally sounds like birds... how can a wooden instrument sound like the chirps of a bird you ask? Talent, amazing talent.
Jeune Darlie Perez Louis
There still have young people listening these amazing songs in 2018?\n¿Aun hay jovenes oyendo esta Maravilla en 2018?
Jose David
Olá a todos, gosto desta e vocês gostaram, não pensam muito ouve está música, pás e Armonia.
If I were The Head of State of my country I would host state dinners in honour of my visiting foreign dignitaries, Kings and guests with this at dinner .A beautiful room with exquisite paintings, gilt furniture ,fine china and ladies in silk dresses and tiaras and men in uniforms with medals..........
Kinson Studio
Thank you for this wonderful piece!
Korei Clardy
October anyone?
Leader of the Lewish People
This kind of music will never die.
Lounis Ha
2019 anyone?
Luka Todorovic
40000 dislikes?!?!Are that people normal?!!?Vivaldi is a king of classical music (especially for violin), and this is his greatest composition!
Lukas Baaaus
October anyone?\n\nGreetings from Europe.\n\nWish you All a perfect Month.\n\n\n\n\nArt & Love for all here \u003c3
MATHEUS natan arruda
2018 music oh my Good
Malik Brabant
November 2018 ?
Marcos Antonio
Um brasileiro esteve aqui
Mariana Negurici
1 like = 1 life for Vivaldi
Marie Antoinette
Spring 0:00 🌷\nSummer 10:31 🏖\nAutumn 20:59 🍁\nWinter 32:48 ❄️
Maryam Sikaoui
spring one makes me feel like i'm a british lady in a party full of European aristocrats XD
I wonder how Vivaldi would feel if he knew over 103 million people have enjoyed his masterpiece. That's gotta be more than the entire human population when he was alive.
Mercy Malathi
The best part of this is from 0:00 to 42:00 \nIsn’t it wonderful?!
Meu nome não é Jhony
Que som, chega a faltar ar para respirar.
Michael Stanley
Nothing like ending the \
Michal Zukowski
Wiosna lato jesien zima..
Ignore this (It's just so I can click on it) ☺:\n\nSPRING 0:00\nSUMMER 10:31\nAUTUMN 20:59\nWINTER 32:48
Modus Operandi
Vivaldi bring me immense joy and happiness. But for the 40' K dislike zombies I have no words.
Mr Wolvel
Who listen and now?
Murphy Bull
Is this good music? 181 million views? but i never meet anyone anywhere that says \
Mélissandre Tan
It's too beautiful and I'm falling with the djembo
November 2018?\nNormally listen to rap hip/hop but you know I'm here for the chill music
Are you scrolling the comment section while listening to the music?
Nobody at all
Autumn's nice
Overwatch Sofustheman
Paul Diaferia
Fantastic music!!!!!\nThank you!!!!
1723: Our world will get so much better in these 300 years, there sure will be flying cars, new technologies and no resource-problems!\n2018: \n*2018 ANYONE? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍😂😂😂💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💝💝💝💝❤️❤️❤️❤️💟💟💟💟💟*
The beat drop is at 17:57
2018 anyone? ❤
Remy D
Anyone Paganini fan?
Robby Burns
Over 100 million views on a baroque piece that is over 300 years old.\n\nFaith in humanity restored.
Shanese Rogers
That moment when you put on classical music to study and waste 10 minutes reading the comment section
Winter is my favorite
33:58 best moment
Winter is clearly the best.
Everytime i listen to Spring, i always imagine myself attending a party in victorian era...
Terry Colbert
Vivaldi!!! Wow what a gift to all of us.
The Iron Pill
Glorious, the elegance of Europe
Top Gameplays_YT
2020 alguien? XD
Ugur Cetin
40.502 dislikes? = No Human , just Walking Dead´s
My religion bans music and playing musical instruments. After hearing plays of Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach, I asked myself: \
Wallan Wilson
Aula de Artes músicais me obrigou a ouvir essa música e gostei Muito ksksksksk Linda de maaaaaaaaaaais
Yandere Simulator Fan
who is listening right now
Yoshi and MartyLSC
I finally found the name of this and BOY does it feel good. I’ve been searching for this for years man. YEARS.
36:16 The best part...
don't sub me
Lil Vivaldi was boss back then
don't watch my videos
I love Spring. You can literally see the snow melt, the birds fly, the little flowers slowly open up, the blue skies and the cold wind smoothly blowing...
elblondie69 falconer
Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments section. \nSending you positive vibes and a huge virtual hug ❤
live free
October 2018 ?
majin vegeta
Winter is my favorite
peter exner
I like Vivaldi. but I love Handel, Bach, and Beethoven, all from old Germany!
resses puffs
beautiful music I am in love
sunny child
Omg i was listening to this while doing homework and when winter started i thought it was playing an ad for chefs table! Im so happy that there's a complete song for that intro, because i love that song!
primavera makes me feel like i am in a small village on a hill in lombardia where everyone is happy
Μαρία Χρυσανθοπούλου
Ευαίσθητος έλληνας; Κανείς; 🙄🤗