ALL 5 INCREDIBLE GOLDEN BUZZER Americas Got Talent 2018 Best Moments EVER

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America's Got Talent 2018 Best Moments EVER INCREDIBLE GOLDEN BUZZER Miley songs the ... the voice 2018 the voice blind auditions 2018 the voice season 14

Afdhalluddin Zainuddin
the last girl is amazing...
AimeeLeigh green
I got goosebumps watching michael, his voice is incredible!!
Alex Danner
Michael Ketterer will always be my ultimate favourite golden buzzer winner. Hes such a kind and loving person
Amane Konukun
*One Golden Buzzer*\n\n*A Contestant’s Dream* \n\n*A Janitors Nightmare*
Anime Cupcake
All of these people are so talented. Zucaroh was probably my favorite, because you can tell they trust each other. I mean, I wouldn’t let someone I didn’t trust throw me around like that.
Anthony Kerry
The last girl won my heart, where did all that confidence just come from?
Aye Aye
The 2nd is freaking good
Bernadette Rocha
That last chick killed it -- WOW!!!❤
Brittney palmer
The second act was f****** amazing!!!!!! Mind blown!
Caleb Ncube
That 13 Yr old girl was incredible
Cammy Teter
8:39 the pose of victory
Catie Parker
Makayla reminds me so much of ariana grande
Chance Solano
Oml the first girl is has an amazing voice can I like meet her and she seems like she has an amazing personality can I meet her?! 😍
Charmaine Hobson
Baby u don't know what its like
Christian Bass
That first girl left me astonished!
CoolCookie Girl
Crystal Netto
1st one: OMG shes amazing and I wish her the best in life\n2nd one: WOW They are awesome!!\n3rd one: right before he started I was like \
Cyn ora
I wanna see the first girl sing Skyscraper by Demi Lavato
Dan Frost
That last girl, it wasn't just her voice , I was watching her eyes , as soon as she started it was like she suddenly became possessed by another soul. Incredible.
Danielle Ashkenazi
honestly the last one is insane good, tops them all
Danyaal Shahid
i love that group performance
Darlene Winchester
FANTASTIC  on the group with people flying around...
Diamond crafter Alkire
The first is pretty good I mean great like really great
Eber Herrera
The last ones voice is so amazing I can feel it coming from her soul and moving her, so unique and intense and amazing
Edward Gentile
I wasn't expecting that from Courtney. I fell back in my chair and was looking at my feet. What a talent: I was like where did that come from?! Wish her all the future success.
Emily Rodriguez
What’s the name of the song in the first one
Erica Morgan-Murphy
They where good few made me cry 😢
2nd one, i just thought holy shit they are crazy!! they have to win!!
I stan Legends , BTS
The first girl was BEAUTY goals. Not only her appearance but voice and smile 😭❤️
Iman Diaz
The last girl though now that’s what you call talent and soul
THE FIRST GIRL WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Anybody that says different is literally a hater lmao
Jala Coppage
and all those people who thumbs down are just mad because you can sing
Jonathan Bennett
America's got Singers
Joselyn Sharp
Performance number 5. I have never seen a singer so good that they're scaring me as they perform. Mel totally misread that girl. She was smiling not from nervousness during the interview. Girl knew what was going to happen. She was smiling like a killer about to jump on their prey. Dear God. And she's only 13!
Julia Hart
The last girl had a very rare and amazing voice... truly natural and hard to pull off, so much so hearing her voice made me cry. And you can tell she's shy at the beginning but once she started singing it's like a whole other person came out like another soul ,it was just breathtaking
The pediatric Health Nurse nailed it !! Simply Outstanding !!\nCourtney - Artificial Soul
Kaitlin Love
I have never cried at a youtube video. The man who performed third... made me just... burst into tears. I never had a dad and it made me so happy to see someone love their children that much. Idk I just. That hit me like a fucking semi
The last girl was so shy, she transform into something unbeliveable
Kelly Kurenoff
Omg that dance troupe was the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!
Khin Cho Thet
The last girl ,before that I saw on The Voice show are right?
Kvng Trigah
the last performer was amazing.......loved it
13:59 after I saw that kid in a wheelchair I cried god bless this mans heart💕💕💗🙏🙏
Lu 2
Maddie Shoop-Gardner
The last one is my favorite one by a million times
Maegan James
The first girl reminds me of Demi Lovato in Camp Rock at the last scene
Mapleshade 6moons
It amazes me how these judges have such an incredible power over making contestants\nhappy. One press of that golden buzzer, and that could be the best moment on their life.
Mei Sarah
The last young girl so....damn it. You are the best.
Michael Medina
Who else thinks Amanda Mena should have been on the thumbnail?
Miguel Rios
i love the last girl performance. it actually made some tears come out of my eyes.
Mladen Jakulic
Last one, 13yo girl OMG 😮😮😮
Natalia Toledo
Why is no one commenting of the two girls being flipped in the air? It was epic
Niamh Ward
5:12/5:13 is the only time I have ever seen a judge actually drink their drink. Wow.
Omar Ehab
Four of them were on the same day ddaammnnn 😂😂
Oskar Shindler
каждый такой Голос заслуживает уважения только за то, что справился со своим волнением и смог донести свои чувства до слушателя...
I hate when there auditions are their best performance.
Paige Davis
Am I the only one that's waiting for them to like fake them out on the golden buzzer.
Paul Scholtes
Any of those 5 contestants deserved 'em. All 5 we're impressive.
Pizza Zazà
The two girls are amazinggggg
Rae Cooper
Damn, I'd pay to see Courtney in concert - just love that girls voice and style!
Robert Ballard
every time i see that last girls performance all i can think is well folks we now know where Janis Joplin is , she is alive and well living inside this little shy girl damn that girl can sing !!!!!!
I know everyone’s commenting about the last performance but like, OH.MY.GOSH!!
Saad Jawani
Wow the last ones just wow I'm shook
First and fourth one LOVE THEEEEEMM
Scarecrow Cherry
9:45 listen till 10:20 respect that father 🙏
The first girl is amazing. It takes more to be an artist, but as far as her voice is concerned, she's got \
Serina Jeffers
The 1st girl has true honest to God talent!
Sonya Mauldin
The last girl just blew my mind, omg. 😍
Sophan Ngang
The first girl is amazing her voice is incredible
Styles Stewart
Aside from having talent, their ability to be humble is equally respectable and amazing. True stars.
TJ Dilashow
the last performance was amazingly crazy, a soul from a different era performing inside a 13 year old girl
Taleni Faaoloaga
Tanya Brown
OMG the act where they were throwing the kids, I was so scared watching that.
Tokato Nagami
Just fell in love with the first girl and the last girl took my soul :D damn all of them are so talented
OMG, the 2nd performance, it was explosive!
Ugoweblessing Destiny
I love that dancing performance so nice and incredibly beautiful
Yessenia Murillo
I did not expect that from the last girl ... HOLY SHIT 🙌🏻💓
Yoga Gultom
1 st is good 👍
Yuliana Garcia
the voices were incredible, that dance was incredible they must be pretty strong to do so many stunts like that and that final act blew my mind AMERICAS GOT TALENT BABY! all of them have their heart and soul in everything they do OMG!
Z. Vera
11:58 that part always gets me ):
Courtney came disguised like an inocent and frightened kitten and then just slayed everyone with a cold hearth.
1st girl ... i've close my eyes and listen ... feel like i'm opening my CD player.
edits & videos
simon’s rection to the 13 year girl with the long brown hake and the dress😂😂
frisk dreemurr
I’m in love with the last performance. That was English.........? Right
1st one was really good but idk if it’s golden buzzer worthy maybe I’m being judgmental :/ it’s nothing I could ever do
karthik mathari
2nd they deserve it
The dance group was just amazing !! and my favorite music ERA
lucy wu
Okay I know that probably almost everyone is commenting ‘bout the Courtney but like I almost fell of my chair! SHE IS SO AMAZING
mario pilon
OMG. the 5 performance was magical for me.but the last one woww . it was freddie mercury .women and similar move .
princess k
the first audition was the best i played it like 5 times in a row..........NOT LYING I LOVE HER..............SHES SO AWESOME AND PRETTY
shante nazaire
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love theses videos. I almost always cry tears of joy for them
shekhar bhowmik
DAMN.......That 5th girl can SING
tasos l
Michael Ketter is the definition of Humanism!! I admire him!! I wish all of us were like him!!
14:45 till the end blew me away the one's before weren't enough for me no offense 1st girl has a standard voice I've heard over and over and over again. WOW last 2 were AWESOME!
Олег Лобов
Последняя девочка просто огонь!
Серёжа Новиков
The last song was amazing!!!