Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreets Back) (Official Video)

Backstreet Boys' official music video for 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'. Click to listen to Backstreet Boys on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:Everybody, yeahRock yourbody, yeahEverybodyRock your body right (rock your body right)Backstreet's backEverybody (everybody)Yeah (rock your body)Rock your body (everybody)Yeah (everybody rock your body)Everybody (everybody, rock your body)Rock your body right (everybody)Backstreet's back, alright

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Abhishek Samuel
Happy Halloween folks! 😈 \nPlay this song on full volume in this Halloween 😵\n31st October 2018😎
Aditya Khadse
Who is listening in 2019
Aditya Narasimhan manthri
*compares this to the so-called artists today*\n\n\n\n\n\nLaughs for 2 hours straight!
Akhil Dev
90s kids like here 2018
Alexus A
Who else is binging their music after watching the new video 😁
Avril Aries
Those were the times when I've been saving my daily allowance to school just so i can buy a BSB cassette tape. I had a huge crush on NICK CARTER! then Justin Bieber came along and i thought he was a younger Nick Carter.
Blythe Foster-Wagamon
Petition for BTS to cover?
Bob Smith
When you realise Howie looks exactly like Willy Wonka in the remastered version!! :D
Camilly Vitória
Carlos Rocker
90s were wonderful, period
Catherine James
Who still loves this in late 2018? :)
Cavu Brat
Slashstreet made me come here 😂
Claudia Parodi
October 2018??
Cok Duvak
Came here afte slashtreet boys and after NFS Underground i realize josie maran ompt
Who is listening today's Halloween 2018?
Dark Kitty
H\nHa\nHal\nHall\nHallo\nHallow\nHallowe\nHallowee\nHalloween\nHalloween 2\nHalloween 20\nHalloween 201\nHalloween 2018\nHalloween 2018 🎃!\nHalloween 2018\nHalloween 201\nHalloween 20\nHalloween 2\nHalloween\nHallowee\nHallowe\nHallow\nHallo\nHall\nHal\nHa\nH
David Watak
Damn this version of hotel transylvania is better than the animated one.
David peña
Me encantan los vídeos musicales de terror!
Denise Antonella
Viendo esto en Halloween \\:v/
Donruedi Sotdon
31 October 👻 2018
Erick Gomez
Like si su casa está embrujada
Eshie Soco
Yas booked my ticket for july 2019 in montreal canada
Fabiana Zamora
The best of youtube is that I can teach my son to love real good music... And how to dance it lol
Fany Abanto
Felicity Watts
I pop back in every Halloween lol. Happy Halloween 2018!
Watching this masterpiece on Halloween. The Thriller of the 1990s.
Fluox Trix Channel
Gabriela Yamila Ch
Pasaron añoooos! Y me sigue gustando este tema!
Gerardo G Montelongo
After Thriller of Michael Jackson, this is the second song most played in October 🤣.
Gisselle Sarceño
November 2018 ???
alguien habla español
Jhony Mendoza
El cojudo 2018 jhony
Kristeh Teh Mage
Kevin's costume was always my fav. :D
🎃 Every year, during halloween time... I've got to listen this... not only because it's tradition... \r\nit's LEGEN wait for it... DARY! 👻
I never cared for the Backstreet Boys, and was ashamed to admit it, but this was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I loved it.
Manjiri Mazagonkar
Not going to lie, came here after listening to What are the chances
Mario Adabache
Chingon video saludos desde Fresnillo Zacatecas México al Mundo yeahhhhhh 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽, Backstreet Boys Grupazo ✌👍🇲🇽.
Martha Cabrera
Like si bailaste👍👍👍👍
Mauricio Mederos
18 oct 2018 sigo aca recordando.\nEspero like si no soy el unico.
Melany Arriola
14 de noviembre del 2018 y sigo escuchando estas cosas😂
Miss Missy
Backstreets back alright !
Mitza Pasta
Normally The Old Bands Will Quit By Now But Backstreet Boys Are Still Making Songs Wow
Mona Gonzales
I find it hard to recognize howie on this one. Haha 😅 I was like looking & waiting for him but he was just there the whole time. 😂
I'm watching this at 11 in the night on a Saturday. I have no life...
I did not realize the Backstreet boys did their music video in Casper's house.
M¡m Stär
Howie is *hot* in this!!! 😍🙌
Nathan Richards
Dracula had the best moves
Nathan Rios
This is so Halloween ❤ Slashstreet boys haha
Nicolette James
The backstreet boys make the absolute sexiest monsters.
I'm gonna play this on a speaker while handing out candy this Halloween gonna be cringe but gotta do it for the bsb' s fam
Omega OMC
Oct 31st 2018 anyone???
P. Dilla
Ah yes, the boy bands of the 90s. Guys will not admit to listening to them but when the songs come on, they know it.
If you said you hated the Backstreet Boys at that time you were lying to yourself. There were at least one or two songs you liked and sang along to when you were alone.
Piotr Kamiński
Who listen in 2018???? :DDDD Best Group on the world!! ----\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e TeamPoland!
November 2018 \u003c3
Preston Garvey
Girl on Halloween: \n*Am I original?*\n*Am I the only one?*\n*Am I sexual?*
Who's here after watching their newly released song ? 😂
Renuka Rai
its Halloween. im here
Rey Skywaka
Well it's October, you know damn well this song is going to be played \neverywhere
Ricardo Diaz
if in the 90s Youtube would have been exist.. so much views on that song you cant imagine.
2018? Hahahahahahaahhaha
Roberto Kazuo
*HALLOWEEN 2018* !!!
Ruth Contreras Villaverde
estoy viendo este video en el año 2018 y soy army la verdad me gustó un poco no es la música de jpop que escucho diario pero esta buena la canción a pesar de que ya tiene muchos año de este videoclip y de la banda
Salma Ben Temessek
Music starts at 1:36\nUr welcome 🥰
Samantha O
I dont care what anyone says this song still kicks ass!
Samuel Maurer
*When the Nights grow old\nAnd the shadows grow long\nThere's a chill in the air \nYou know what time of year it is*
Saphire Soul
I love that my taste in music is so disverse. I love Godsmack, Ghost, Slipknot, Blue Oyster Cult, Marilyn Manson, and Backstreet Boys. 😏💜 (that's not all I listen to, just some of the most diverse I could think of atm).
Setsuna Makenai
halloween 2018 \u003c3
Shounak Katyayan
Damn I'm lucky that I grew up listening to this song. That was an awesome period.
Tamy Barrios
2018? La voy a bailar en mi escuela yo!!!!
The AViator
2:43 At first I thought that was Willy Wonka.
Howie kinda looks like Johnny Depp in this video
Ti Vey
I really like the beat and remember backstreets back alright
Turbo Lazer
thumbs up if you listen to this in 2057!!
Uus Kaler
Rock your body right ...\nEVERYBODY
Valentin Black
Who is here after 'chances'???😊😎😍
Vibha B
Wendell Ruan
Novembro de 2018 🕺🏻😂❤️
ashley nichole
new backstreet boys single out called CHANCES... please show your boys some love 😘😘❤❤
cesar lezama
This song would of been perfect for there comeback in 2018.
A brilliantly made Halloween video. It’s right up there with Thriller. I miss the days of the nineties where the videos actually had a story and wasn’t just bitches shaking their booties or pure CGI for no reason. Every Halloween this video gets played.
desi noel
Every year this is played at full volume on Halloween lol
gabrielly bonin
Brasil ama vcs
Well, it's November. U know damn well, this song is going to be played in every radio station.
hidayat 7777
This is good song for hallowen
icecreamlover 25
I always love listening to this and Michael Jackson's Thriller this time of year 🎃
¿Latinoamérica escucha esto en 2019?
kevin dasa
Donde están los latinos🌎😎🎶🎵
maria somarriba
Nunca van a pasar de moda ❤ la mejor banda de la historia
Werewolf, vampire, phantom of the opera, mummy, and Dr Jekyll Mr. Hyde
pims dream
Halloween song but posted in may🤣😂
sweet black
Am I original? \nAm I the only one?\nAm I sexual? \nYEAH!!!!
tanay sasdev
I’m only 16 and this is still nostalgic.
Remember when singing \
ɐuoʇɐɯ ɐloɥɔ
Кирилл Корнеенков
2018 October?
Черная Грузия
Who's still here at 2018???
Lyrics\nEverybody, rock your body\nEverybody, rock your body right\nBackstreet's back, alright, hey baby\n\nOh my God, we're back again\nBrothers, sisters, everybody sing\nGonna bring you the flavor show you how\nGot a gotta question for you better answer now, yeah\n\nAm I original?\n(Yeah)\nAm I the only one?\n(Yeah)\nAm I sexual?\n(Yeah)\nAm I everything you need?\nYou better rock your body now\n\nEverybody\n(Yeah)\nRock your body\n(Yeah)\nEverybody, rock your body right\nBackstreet's back alright, alright\n\nNow throw your hands up in the air\nAnd wave'em around like you just don't care\nAnd if you wanna party let me hear you yell\n'Cause we've got it goin' on again\n\nAm I original?\n(Yeah)\nAm I the only one?\n(Yeah)\nAm I sexual?\n(Yeah)\nAm I everything you need?\nYou better rock your body now\n\nEverybody\n(Yeah)\nRock your body\n(Yeah)\nEverybody, rock your body right\nBackstreet's back alright, alright\n\nEverybody\n(Yeah)\nRock your body\n(Yeah)\nEverybody, rock your body right\nBackstreet's back\n\nEverybody\n(Yeah)\nRock your body\n(Yeah)\nEverybody, rock your body right\nBackstreet's back alright