Ruth B. - Lost Boy (Official Video)

Ruth B.'s debut album 'Safe Haven' ft. "Superficial Love" & "Lost Boy" is available now!:

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0J5 Productions
Used to love this song but forgot it 😫
I’m singing this song for an audition. I hope I get in🤩
Abby Advocate-Ross
I listen to this song every night because I listen to music Before I sleep. This long really makes me realize how everyone has a chance in life whether you are a youtuber, musician , artist, or something other you still have a purpose. I recently lost a friend due to suicide and they were a junior at high school. Life has been quite hard but I've strived for success and have almost gotten it. My dream is to become a world champion dancer or at least compete at worlds. I started dancing when I was 4 1/2 and 10-ish years have gone by and I'm still a dancer. I worked so hard and I've made it to USIR or United States inter regionals aka United States championship and I'm qualified three consecutive years. But it not as easy to get up on stage and dance in front of a world champion judge. I get so nervous and I cry sometimes. What makes it worse though is that my name is known all around the USA and if I mess up everyone knows and yeah. My mom won't let me quit but I want to and I need advice. Not to mention my memory is bad so school is soooo stressful and painful. You guys would not believe how hard it is to get scholarships to places as a freshman in high school. On top of that a good thing though is that they donate money to me(i mean thousands upon thousands of dollars) because they believe in gonna do great things but I just don't know if I can handle all of this stuff at age 14 pls help
Adrianna Torrey
I love all Ruth B's songs she inspires me like this if you think I can be as good as Ruth!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME THE TRUTH PLEASE sry caps
Albertvbgatdtdfcvo Torres
Once you pay attention to the words you'll understand the pain but you wont ever feel what shes feeling.
Alex Briones
Peter pan: a angel from hevan \nNever land:hevan\nLost boy:human\nCaptain hook: satin
Alicia Logan
Love it so does my daughter
Alyssa J
You have a great voice
Anakin Skywalker Holowathy Is
so this whole song is about how she is addicted to drugs peter pan is her friend because he is the thing that gives her comfort also he always is flying so he technically always high and ever since she meet him aka when she 1st tried drugs she has been lost meaning lost in reality only caring about the drug and now she runs from captain hook aka her addiction and nether land is the trap and/or were she gets the drugs to go hind from reality again... could be wrong but be careful with drugs y'all they fun but dont abuse them
Anastasia pretty
Anna Bianca Limjuco
Ashley woehrle
I love this song a lot 🙄😆
Aspyn Ovard
Ayb Geek
May-June 2018?\ni really love This song!💙
BlackSunset AMVs
;-; Why am I finding that now ??? I'm in love with this songggg OMGGG 💗💗💗💗
Blood Rhino
I sang this in choir when it first came out I know every word
Caitlyn Ann
Peter Pan= mental illness \nCaptain Hook= therapist/ family\nNever land=afterlife \nLost boys=other people who have committed suicide \n \nPeter Pan (mental illness) convinces you to come to neverland (commit suicide) and stay away from Captain Hook (people trying to keep you alive). Twisted view considering most people look at Peter as good and Captain Hook as bad. Probably looking way into it But that just my thoughts and how I feel about the song. Such a beautiful song 💜
November-December 2018? I lovvveeeee thisss song ❤️
Dark Shade Films
This song helps tremendously with anxiety.
David Bauer
If there ever was a boy that was lost, I am he
Destiny Pikachu
Now that’s a butiful sining voice 👍 good job
Divine Jomomoh
Edit_girl Lit
Heard this song when it first came listening again know all the words October 2018 anybody
El-Marie Wilken
Why is Peter Pan always flying....? \n\nBecause he Neverlands.....\n\n\nI love that joke because it never gets old!!
Erin Kesic
Here is a nightmare..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI wake up. \n\n\nIt’s Monday\n\n “ UGH “
Ethan and Grayson Charles :-3
October 2018?
Fabian 698
Who's Watching On 2017
Fisted Waffles
Who is listening in 2020?😂
GM Motorsports
brings back memories of me and good ole gram i miss you!
Happy Potter
*2018? Love song from Tirane(Albania)*
Hot Fresh New Music
😳2018 anyone😳??I know am not alone?!😜 Wheres my #2018MusicSquad 😍
Hot Potato
November 2018 anyone????
I'm just me Dreamer
November 2?
This is as pure as music can get.
Its first time I hear that song and I am IN LOVE of this song
Jake Luxford
How does a human even make something this beautiful. This girl is sent down from heaven.
Jake Pena
I love this song 😘😍
Jasmine Robertson-Kurd
This is my overall favourite song❤️
Jojo Siwa
The world needs music like this... this is art
Joselyn Iradukunda
If its 2018 and your still listening. good job💖💖💖
Junemay Esparza
I am going to sing it at class 🙁🙁😕😬😬😬😳😳😳😦😦
Kate Gomez
I'm still growing up and this song inspires me everytime i listen to it. Recently, I've been under so much pressure from my family and my school and my friends feel like their slipping away but this song makes it all ok. This song makes me hope that one day I can find my peter pan that will support my dreams and not force me to follow theirs. Someone who will stick by my side and I will stick by theirs. Someone in the comments said that \
Killer 109
Such a beautiful voice 😍
Leonna Bordeaux
When i sad and stressed out i listen to this and it makes me happy... Peaceful :)
Lilyplay Gatcha and roblox
2018?? This song is so good and still is and always will!!!
Metro PCS
This song makes me feel better when I'm sad especially at this time
Michael Smiley
Best song ever😍🎶🎶🎶
MrsTeaMoo XD
Whoever wrote the lyrics on the page needs to come teach me how to write 😹like if you agree
Nachyra S.
Ruth B, you are amazing.
Naomi Rachel
music always takes me away from reality :)
Natali Katsiashvili
Best song. I like this song.. it is my favorite song now thank you for sing this song.😍\nWOW
Natalie Batina
This was my best friends fav song but she past away a few weeks ago with cancer and i just can't except that shes gone so now i'm just lisening over and over to this song ....OMG im crying
Nicole Gray
Lost boy - me \nPeter Pan- My mind/myself \nCaptain Hook- Everyone\nNetherland- social media\n+ Man in the moon- Also me😑
Nikki Curtis
Man, with all the issues I'm going through I can always count on music. It's my escape, and will always be. \n\n\n\nSooo....2018 howz u doin?
Ninja Flogs
I love this school learned it and i won the talent show in my school thx for making the school you looke pretty
NoPill GT
I feel so lost bcs i ask a girl to..... and rejected
One happy Girl
Why is she so beautiful my lordddddddd 😍
Queen Ackasha
2018 still rocking 😎😍
Reeghan Allen
This song means soooo much to me I can’t stop singing it \nI wrote my own songs and am way to scared to post anything this song is a cover that I’ve done I \nLOVE THIS SONG
Riley Berkeley
This song made me cry because my great grampa died and they played this song at his funeral
Rocky road. icecream
October 2018.... Anyone?\n\nEdit: Thanks for all the likes :)
Ruth B.
GUUYS. remember when this was just a vine?! Thanks for everything. HOPE YOU ENJOY. so much love for ya.
neverland= heven \npeterpan=angle\ncaptin hook= devil\nlost boy= deid
Sarahi Regalado
Sauce Visuals 醤油
Bro this song is actually depressing and sad like really sad like actually think about what she’s saying like really listen to words
Seven TeenBoi
0:54\nYour welcome ( idk if you needed this part)
Shay’s Life
0% inappropriate \n0% sexual skin showing clothes\n0% swearing \n100% beauty and talent\nEdit: omg ty for the likes I made this comment 10 months ago I thought it would be buried down deep in the comments haha
Stephen Bala
I wish Peter Pan was real...
Suzanne Nanney
Heard this song the first time when i was in rehab and at my bottomless pits bottomless pits bottom. This song made me feel better. That there was a way out. And it started with my this song. No matter what there is a way out. You just have too want it.
Swavy Oblivv
Holy shit its been 2 years since this music video came out. Time flies by
Tahi Nunn
I love this song...does anyone else?? ❤❤❤😘😀
Taylor Cannady
She has really good singing yasssss she pretty
Teionne Music
Why everyone asking if your listening in 2018???\n\nSooooo....\n\n\nWho is listening in 2018\n\n😉😂😂😂
Thomas Nguma
Shes very beautiful
Thomas the spank engine
2041 anyone?
Tiger Lilly
I AM INLOvE WITH THIS SONG❤️❤️❤️❤️😭\n\nyep i liked my own comment😂❤️
Tracy Johnson
You are SO amazingly beautiful and so musically inspiring!! My new goal in life is to be as wonderfully talented as you are!!!❤😍😘😀 peace and love girl peace and love
Trevor Tolan
What does this song x said it was are she saying I'm Peter pan?
Truli 4fly
I am crying
Tunrayo O
Who else is thinking of watching Peter pan after this song?
UVN Network
Lost Boy - Ruth B. - Safe Haven\n\nThere was a time\nWhen I was alone\nNo where to go\nAnd no place to call home\nMy only friend was the man in the moon\nAnd even sometimes\nHe would go away too\nThen one night\nAs I closed my eyes\nI saw a shadow flying high\nHe came to me\nWith the sweetest smile\nTold me he wanted to talk for a while\nHe said\nPeter Pan\nThat's what they call me\nI promise that you'll never be lonely\nAnd ever since that day\n\nI am a lost boy\nFrom Neverland\nUsually hanging out with\nPeter Pan\nAnd when we're bored we play in the woods\nAlways on the run from\nCaptain Hook\nRun, run, lost boy\nThey say to me\nAway from all of reality\n\nNeverland is home to lost boys like me\nAnd lost boys like me\nAre free\n\nHe sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe\nBelieve in him\nAnd believe in me\nTogether we will fly away in a cloud of green\nTo your beautiful destiny\nAs we soared above the town\nThat never loved me\nI realized I finally had a family\nSoon enough we reached Neverland\nPeacefuly my feet hit the sand\nAnd ever since that day\n\nI am a lost boy\nFrom Neverland\nUsually hanging out with\nPeter Pan\nAnd when we're bored we play in the woods\nAlways on the run from\nCaptain Hook\nRun, run, lost boy\nThey say to me\nAway from all of reality\n\nNeverland is home to lost boys like me\nAnd lost boys like me\nAre free\n\nPeter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling\nAnd even Captain Hook\nYou are my perfect story book\nNeverland, I love you so\nYou are now my home sweet home\nForever a lost boy at last\nAnd for always I will sing\n\nI am a lost boy\nFrom Neverland\nUsually hanging out with\nPeter Pan\nAnd when we're bored we play in the woods\nAlways on the run from\nCaptain Hook\nRun, run, lost boy\nThey say to me\nAway from all of reality\n\nNeverland is home to lost boys like me\nAnd lost boys like me\nAre free\nNeverland is home to lost boys like me\nAnd lost boys like me\nAre free\n\nCompositor: Ruth B
Vampi Ansari
OMG THE MEMORIES, I remember in (this will sound cringy) Minecraft roleplay server, there was a talent show and this song was like what everyone was singing.\n\nIk this sounds stupid, but it touched me.
Who’s still listening from November 2018??
Victoria Pintos
This got me happy because my best friend is sick and she was not at school for a week and now her dog got sick and now he is at the vet but I'm hoping she is ok
Yasmine Riley
This is the best music in the world
Yolanda Rodriguez
Love this song 😂💋
Lost boy = me\nPeter pan = internet friends\ncaptain hook = my family excluding my sisters\nneverland = social media
diogo monteiro
Im crying
Who is still listening in 2018 October ?..
galaxy gamer
Why can't I hear it on the radio?
iceRa Xd
From indonesian?
janae conn
jeremiah brennan
Me I do to love this song!!!
maria hannah
this song reminds me of worst best time of my life
zayna fantar
Me and my freinds are doing this at the talent show. Like =good luck 4 us! ( im doing a solo part
I just love this song so much💜😊SO BEAUTIFUL❤🌹