ШОУ ГОЛОС Лучшие выступления в МИРЕ | ЛУЧШИЕ ЭМОЦИИ ЗА ВСЕ ВРЕМЯ | Голос 2015-2017!

Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET -

голос країни 20... голос лучшее голос лучшее выступление голос лучшее выступление за всю историю голос лучшие выступления голос лучшие слепые прослушивания

Abdinsa Mandangan
Aissa tv
Akmal Guspandi
So sad😭😭
Alexis Rose
The guy who sang “When We Were Young” by Adele omg he was awesome!!
Amanda Soares Paiva Azambuja
Amna Sarfraz
Anastasia Sky
I was already crying cause it's 2 am...but that when we were young at 5:11 made me really cry.
Best Moments EVER
Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJOctZppIWo
Brackish Sorrow
How can you be judges with the tears....omg it hursts soooo good. Glad I’m not a judge...omg...
Bruno Alves
The girl who sang The Scientist made me cry like a baby. Never saw a beautiful interpretation of the music like this. She deserves a enormous success!
Burnell Browne
The Whitney Houston LADY was BOSS APPLESAUCE!
Caden Grossman
10:20 Yeah?
Chané Van Der Merwe
Looks a bit like Emma Watson - Scientist
Chintan Parekh
October 2018????
Ma la Raffaella Nazionale😍 \nItaly is here🇮🇹
The girl singing the scientist is just perfect.
Daniel A
Miley Cyrus, \
Darishsha Shati
wow no explanation anymore, all were so terrific. Keep up ur talent whooooo
Ellie_ Playz
Is there anyone English in the comments
Fabulous Potato
Anyone feeling left out of the comment section because they can't speak Russian
Gavin Nash
October 2018??
Good morning
Пацанчик который поёт Адель-красавчик,слов нет
Hacchete Subscribe
Harrison Neuhaus
Just an English comment passing through
Hitoshi Jamia
October 2018??
Inga 5555
👌 👌 Hello 👌👌 first song 👍
Jack Ryan
How is no one talking about the second to last guy? He's freaking amazing!
Jada Leonard
He look like he feel in love, lol 8:00
Jenna Oliver
The first guy I had goosebumps... not only because his voice was AMAZING, but I also sneezed 😂😂
Jenna Thompson
6:47 DAMN BOY!!!!
Jer Shawn Baradas
That guy who sings When we were young.
Joyce Smallwood
Omg when she sang Coldplay 😲😲😲
Klara Kent
That guy who sings Adele, he is killing it...she is not my cup of tea, but from him I love the song...
omg i got chills so many times 😂❤️
Lera Win
Charles Kablan - Hello - 00:01 \nGabriella - The Scientist - 01:34 \nGavin Edwards - Say Something - 03:42\nFernando Daniel - When We Were Young - 05:10 \nRomy Monteiro - I Will Always Love You - 07:02 \nTamara - Knockin' on Heaven's Door - 08:45\nSydney Rhame - Photograph - 10:51\nNina Kraljic - Beneath Your Beautiful - 12:39 \nChristian Cuevas - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You - 14:29 \nLica - My All - 16:05
Lesbia Ramirez
The girl playing violin and singing was amazing
Lily .grace22
That guy that sung When We Were Young... Dang...😳❤️
Loving Amisha
they say don't judge a book by it's cover I judged the black guy saying how can he😱😱 sing Adela's song but he's 👌👏👍😍
Why do these videos always make me cry? 😭❤
Luís Jorge
Just love when her mother said \
ME 1
Me: Krkk..., uh oh..\nFriend: what?\nMe: my.. heart.. *passed out*\nWarning: this is just a joke... 😂😂😂
Maci Renee
Anyone know the guy who was singing when we were young by Adele?
2:35 *Chasing Potatoes???* 🤔🤔
Meriam Rush Takid
knock on heavens door was a surprise. And i love it
Michelle Carrie Doryn
Wow 2018 watching
Miesel Gracia
November 16,2018 still watching \n..love it .....
Mily Hmar
Gabriella with the scientist is awesome, beautiful voice, talented violinist and gorgeous woman.
Nicolae Cristudor Official
Norleetha M
3:48 South African.. 💖💖💖💖💖
the girl with the violin,, who is the luckiest guy you loved??
Omira Sugar
The girl who sang \
Owen Pio
Who sang the scientist
Panda Piung
October 2018?
The When We Were Young singer is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!
Raphail Khandare
I think blind audition is the best.... because some people just judge by the looks
Reno van Zanten
People are awesome!
Riley 1234567890
OMG knocking on heavens door
Riya S
the world has so much beautiful talent
Roshni Shah
2:07 how she falls oml😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
STraNgE gIRl
1:35 я в него влюбилась, скажите КАК ЕГО ЗОВУТ
Samantha Julitza Alvarez Sierra
Did you see her slip when she pushed the Buten
Sangar Al-Qadhi
I was almost crying when she was singing \
Sonechka Like
На 8:11 у меня пробежали мурашки по коже... Все таки, иностранцы поют лучше, чем русские (в большинстве случаев)!
And you know the most beautiful thing I see in all these videos are the family, friends, relatives e.t.c who's watching from the backstage you can see from their eyes and actions how much they are in support and happy. Believe me if you have such people in your life you are blessed.
Tamara Khachatryan
Thomas Erhardt
Knock knock knocking on heavens door was terrible. Like scratching a chalkboard. Their reactions to it made no sense to me
Uchiha Gonzalez
O shit knock knock knocking on heavens door wow amazing voice😍😍😍😍
Valeria AvaSky
OMG 😍😍😍😍😘
Veswolflypri 03
The guy that sang \
Your Mom
This morning in a bus, i accidently fart myself hard.. 4 people in front of me turn, i thought i was at the voice
Youtube Maste
After watching these vedios I'm feeling like I'm talentless
Zalkar.01 Zalkarbek
aIzaeem5858 الشهري
anna & saba
who’s excited for Christmas 2k18 ? 💚❤️💚
antony amay
esa negrita de sombrero ...es una tracy chapman
cornelia goses
really i cant hold back my tears anymore.........
dzeno rzv
12:39 is she a magical creature, or what? That voice is like from another dimension...
jawed ahmad
at 5: 14In my case if they would have turned around like that so suddenly like omg what a voice who is this guy singing ?I would have stopped singing by squealing wohooooo really hard!
lillokita81 im Alyns and joanas sister
The first one WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
The 2nd was is soooooooooo pretty ..... i love the song too .... looks like a princess🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍
ngaih nem
It's soooo beautiful God can bring this to live again 😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
selmaselma18 hola
sexys aded33d3
OMG the first guy.. 😍
shannel kuchy
The guy who sang when we were young was just breath taking *WOW*
weirdo the werido
She so good
youcef zegrir
04_10_2018 ✌🤘
übermensch Nietzsche
The first and the best 🎶🎵🎵🎵
Александр Солопов
Такое чувство, что там выбирают не по ГОЛОСУ, а по той композиции,которую исполняет претендент...
Алсу Нуретдинова
Русские, я знаю, что вы здесь есть
Валерий Ф
Charles Kablan - Hello - 00:01 \nGabriella  - The Scientist - 01:34 \nGavin Edwards - Say Something - 03:42\nFernando Daniel - When We Were Young - 05:10 \nRomy Monteiro - I Will Always Love You - 07:02 \nTamara - Knockin' on Heaven's Door - 08:45\nSydney Rhame -   Photograph - 10:51\nNina Kraljic - Beneath Your Beautiful - 12:39 \nChristian Cuevas - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You - 14:29  \nLica - My All - 16:05
Константин Меляйкин
или у меня динамики на планшете хреновые или этой девушке далековато до тембра Уитни. А нет ща послушал на колонках и в наушниках - далеко, Уитни была единственной. С диска в хороших наушниках на полной громкости можно ощутить, прочувствовать Уитни, а с этой девушкой как будто ямки по обочинам. Уитни техничностью увлекалась, эмоций недостаточно, но хотя бы не лажала и голос приятный. Узнать ее не всегда могу, а включив могу не сомневаться, что она может удержаться больше часа. И даже бывают секунды когда её можно увидеть, прощупать характер. Видимо, второй такой певицы не услышу.
Мария Ри
сколько оказывается в мире нераскрытых талантов, вот это называется настоящей музыкой, настоящим певческим талантом, жалко что приходится лицезреть на отечественной сцене бузову, например, и мноество подобных \
Элина Великолепная
Ааааа у меня от первого выступления мурашки и слезы пошли , жесть