a-ha - Take On Me [ Live From MTV Unplugged, Giske / 2017 ]

Taken from the forthcoming album/DVD a-Ha: MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice(17 Hits + 2 Cover Versions + 2 brand new Songs) Pre Order here:

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2500 miles in the middle of the ocean
Wow..i grew up in the 80s, i grew up listing to music and this is a beautiful rendition of their 80s hit.
This song became two great memes
Affan Priyambodo
Does anyone think this is better than the orginal
Alex Avery
This song went from hit, to meme, back to hit. Only the most powerful of songs have such a range as this.
Alex Rocha
This scene made deadpool an emotional movie, and on top of that it shows the passing of time. His original version is young, fast, and upbeat with this version being older, slower and somber. Respect.
Alex Theimplication
There are a few songs you come across, perhaps yearly, that blow you away. That you end up listening to over and over and over and never get sick of them. I was a child of the 80's and knew this song, but never understood or gave attention to this beautiful lyrics and how the song as a whole is emotional. Love this...and yes thanks to Deadpool for introducing me to this acoustic version.
Andrew Pryce
Austin Szuda
Barry Villacarillo
1:49 me when this song was played in deadpool 2
Belinda Long
WOW😭. no matter how many years go by this group and song are timeless. This version was so amazing and deep it did bring a tear to eye being one of the so called middle age women 😢🙄.. I loved it then and will always love it.. makes me happy that now my son enjoys this song as well 🤗🙄😄.. Much love Ha Ha🤗
am i the only one who thinks this guy hasn't aged much
Brad Dorcas
This song's original release came in the wrong era. The flash and energy of the 80's hampered it's message and feel so much. This rendition makes you feel every bit and then some.
Bryan Smith
I loved this song but i truly never knew how beautiful this song was.
Carlos Henrique
Deadpool 2
Cherrykye Waters
the lead singer he is aging beautifully
“And you Cable. Promise me. Promise me one thing. That you’ll start judging people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
Deapool2 Im sad you
Deborah Meerhoff
I Just love A-ha always did and never stop, when i had cancer A-ha got me trough it,
Elijah Simon
Don't hate me people but because of memes I wouldn't be introduced to this masterpiece
Elta Est Libre
My favourite version of this song, by far. So emotional, so beautiful. I love it so much.
Ethan Dunne
I knew the original version, and I was surprised to hear this version in Deadpool 2. That being said, it’s a beautiful version
When i hear this Song i thinking about the live and realize how beautiful it is. This Song makes me happy...
Franco Vera
Yo creo que nada sucede por casualidad. \n¿Sabes qué? \nEn el fondo las cosas tienen su plan secreto, aunque nosotros no lo entendamos.\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrI-UBIB8Jk
Gabriel Izurieta
I didn’t cry during Deadpool2, but I got that heavy feeling in the back of my throat, and if I was alone in my living room I would’ve cried like a bitch for sure.\n\n“Is this heaven?”\n“It is now.”
The fact that Deadpool managed to get the original singer is awesome.
J Dxvx
“Family is not an F-word. There’s one out there for you. Just keep looking.”
Jechu Manzanares
I never knew this song could be so sad I
John Duffey
dude could have slayed every women in there that night.
Jonathan Lanoy
You can see all the memories from the 80s flowing through the audiences faces
Josh Hunt
I’m listening to this as hearing the news about John McCain’s death😢😭 RIP John. You were a hero and inspiration to me😭
Joyel Lee
Say Deadpool .... ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!\n😶😶😶😶😶\n🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Kabitha Priyan
Is it only me that thinks he looks like Heisenberg
Katina Sanders
That was beautiful. His voice is like an angel.
Kelly Ryan
I found this last October and it's my wedding song. Some much meaning to this ,this version is my favorite.
Wow, what a voice. Such talent. Really beautiful.
Lauren Hogg
This cover gave me chills! What a beautiful version of the song, Love it!
Leo Polanco
Después de tantos años es que me doy cuenta lo bella que es esta canción, que ciego he sido 😮
Luis Gall
Ich friere \nSo viel Gänsehaut und das bei 25 Grad
Luis Martinez
Mark 1423
Todos están aquí por Deadpool 2 pero yo estoy aqui por que una de las últimas veces qué estuve con mí abuela escuchamos esta canción en la radio o en una playlist aleatoria (no recuerdo muy bien) pero ella me dijo que esa canción sonaba muy hermosa y armónica, dijo que quería que la pusieran en su funeral. Y pues aquí estoy, en su funeral cumpliendo su petición.
I thought it was just a cover from some indie dude. I didn't think they'd actually get a-ha to do it!
Meco Diosaban
Mehmet Sezer
Deadpool 2 is best scene
Michael Ferrarella
Whoa. We get older and the songs of our youth mature with us.
I am absolutely blown away with this.. All the feels.. Just simply making it acoustic seems to change the whole meaning of the song. What an amazing group of musicians. Incredible passion.
I love how the audience is enjoying the moment instead of filming it
Nadia Farhan
This made me cry😭😭😭
Nicole Leah
Night Rider
So quiet you could hear panties dropping..
Northern Iggy
Artists remind us how insanely talented they are... how we take for granted a popular song from the 80's wasn't just about a cool video and a catchy beat. Art is personal... especially to the artist, as it reveals what we see as their souls.
One Hmong
Wow. Not quite the original but still Aha
Potato Man
Alexa this is so sad play despasito
Prada Prada
So nice to learn that new generation of kids are learning that 80's bands are one of the best era to listen. New generations thses days rely on so much on electronic music. Aha made them realize how beautiful their music are , cudos to deadpool ;) anyways I played this song so many times in the 90's
The people in this video\n98% Deadpool 2\n0.1% Hate\n1.9% GOOD VERSION
Random Content
I almost cried seeing this man's eyes. The same exact ocean blue eyes from the 80s. Watch the music video and you'll see. He also did age very well.
Deadpool 2 is the greatest movie of all time....like Gone WIth the Wind pulls this many tears plz....
Robert Cazworth
This brings back memories
This will now be my wedding song and will ask her during the slow dance...\n\n*\
Ronin Jack
Was this really in Deadpool two??? Shit,gonna be mainstream now
Ruben Baltodano
I heard this song while playing with my dog. The moment she heard it, her excitement settled and she just sat to peacefully listen. Since then, I always played the song when I was massaging her head, or just sitting with her while reading. It also eased her panics of thunder or stuff. Anyway, today my 15 year old Sweet Pea passed away in her sleep. Now this song has me wailing, missing my labrador.
Same Stuff
One of the most iconic pop songs, now one of the most beautiful
Sammy F
that part made me cry. made me miss my late husband & how I wanted to be with him so bad I thought killing myself was the way for me to finally be happy. but he always said \
San Chan
Unlike most lead singers (who are in their 60's), Morten still has his golden voice from the 80's, which is incredible for his age!
Silver Craver Gaming
It's so beautiful
Tayonara Neppel
melhor acústico s2
The WhiteRaven
Deadpool is what everyone thinks...\n\n\n\n\nAnd I love it ;)
TheLizard230 YouTube
I cried because this song was my childhood. Thx 4 making my childhood perfect. I hate the new songs i like the olds
They f-ing removed this song on the Bluray version of Deadpool 2
Why I feel depressed after listening to this
Thomas Minkel
Morten great voice
Tinker Diggens
This song should've been played this way from the start-- beautiful, sad acoustic 70's!
Toda Hora
AHA Vouta A Recife PE BRASIL.
Tyler Brambora
Bro the fact that the band, especially the lead singer, sound this good after like 30 years is damn impressive
Wade Wilson
Hush hush, there's no reason for y'all to cry now. Vanessa's fine, and thank you Cable.
WoW Man
I feel like this would be the best high school grad song
Woke Af
Beautiful and emotional song
WolfThorn Gamer
I did cry in Deadpool 2 so what
ZipperedSoup 69
Kiss me like you miss me red...
alphien Liciush
the verse just like karma police \
Great Mortem Harket singing but Where's Paul Waktar and Mags Furoholem? Sure hope I got the spelling of their name right.
Love the orgiganal obviously. But i never realised how great the lyrics were till I heard this version.
edmund edward
stunning breath taking amazing bravo 5*****
Its amazing, but consistent, if you listen to some of the 80s artists today when they redo some of their old hits, the past version was more of a nice trend of the time which kinda made they all sound similar, but when they come out now, they just prove how great of a talent they really were but underrated. What I am trying to say is, these artists back when they were young were really talented, but the glamour of the \
inserte una descripción
* \
it's jen
morten looks so sad😕
jessica chege
This song is timeless ☺️☺️
This song has aged well...
kristen fessler
Married my soulmate to this song yesterday. Thank you Deadpool.
mha hart. mah sole
Wow Liam Neeson has a great voice
rena moon
We're talking away\nI don't know what\nI'm to say I'll say it anyway\nToday's another day to find you\nShying away\nI'll be coming for your love, okay?\nTake on me (take on me)\nTake me on (take on me)\nI'll be gone\nIn a day or two\nSo needless to say\nI'm odds and ends\nBut I'll be stumbling away\nSlowly learning that life is okay\nSay after me\nIt's no better to be safe than sorry\nTake on me (take on me)\nTake me on (take on me)\nI'll be gone\nIn a day or two
santiago barahona
Llega pronto por favor, estaré esperándote amor de mi vida, quien quiera que seas aquí estaré.
son goku
When I hear this I could not stop my self for crying
My favorite song from the 80's. I remember watching the video on MTV when MTV still only played music videos.
theodore stevens
Deadpool 2 brought me here
Эрик Картман
В России его тоже любят.Это молодость.Чуство свободы и тд
максим чуковецкий
шикарное исполнение !!! - gorgeous performance!!!